Troubador The Rumigations of Watson the Wotsitt

Released: 24/04/2019

eISBN: 9781838598938

Format: eBook

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The Rumigations of Watson the Wotsitt


Who? Wott? Wossatt? Wozziss? I would like to introduce you to Watson the Wotsitt. He’s an incredibly talented double-bubble who writes rumigations that are furiously fun, memorably moving, and make you smile uncontrollably. If you just sit back and relax, Watson’s unique and refreshing voice will lead you to your inner mojo! You will be able to dip into the depths and delights of doing nothing, and remember! Watson the Wotsitt is here to remind you that feeling sad is not only useless but also harmful. He’s going to help you re-spiff your sparkle and fizz your buzz! Once Watson – and you – have got your inner marbles and your outer astrals into coordification and started rumigation reading, you will meet many colourful and creative characters such as Lynne Gwist, the trilingual secretary, Ray Sauce the jockey or Dick Shunnery, the idiomologist. Don’t miss ‘how to turn left in a boat’, or how Dr. Cyril Ick helped Watson to find his lost ‘D’s… truly my Julie ! Watson’s rumigations not only flood the pages of this book but they also infiltrate your inner laughlines, tackling tickles in a such a riprolling way that you will soon be calling the curtains for more, more, more… !

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