Troubador The Report of Diffy Guinn

Released: 28/08/2016

eISBN: 9781785896149

Format: eBook

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The Report of Diffy Guinn

A Modern Fairy Tale


Patricia E.L Woodman’s adult adventure and fantasy novel, The Report of Diffy Guinn, follows the story of Diffy, as he makes a journey across a wasteland. A journey that is forbidden by the people of Diffyland, who believe the wasteland acts as a barrier for their protection. They are afraid of the people who live beyond the wasteland, as these people come and take the land, making it their own. So, for the people of Diffyland, it is best to remain hidden from the “outside” and the “outsiders,” as they call them.  

Nevertheless, during Diffy’s time exploring, the discoveries he makes are astounding. He returns home to tell all that he has seen, but he is shocked when he is arrested and locked away in away in the House of Law and Conditions. Here, he finds a library full of books of past history. He reads and reads, falling in love with words. Wisdom fills his mind with understanding, giving him a thirst for knowledge.  

As time passes, Diffy enjoys writing about what he learns about his discoveries from the “outside”. But the people of Diffy land believe that an intelligent, living force has produced the writings, and the force wants them to take care of the living soil, the grasses and the trees. How will they react to his news?

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