Troubador The Real World

Released: 28/04/2015

ISBN: 9781784622329

Format: Paperback

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The Real World

Can the Mansion Spirits live without humans?


Hedstrong is a spirit, capable of using human ‘hosts’ to move between their world and the Real World, his invisible home. He returns one day after his host suffers an untimely death in a stately home to discover Antedote, another spirit residing in the mansion and the pair quickly find friendship and romance… until Upstart arrives. Antedote’s domineering attitude allows Upstart to win Hedstrong’s affections as she leads him into the centre of a Spiritual World Council in the aviary next to the mansion. It’s not long before Hedstrong finds himself caught in the midst of an uprising as he discovers a council member trying to overthrow Jenius, a ruthless dictator and the current leader of the council. Meanwhile, in the human world, the last resident Lord of the Manor befriends Phyllis, a young girl who he thinks is a witch. On his death, she becomes a volunteer involved with The National Trust, purchasers of the mansion, its contents and estate. But all is not as it seems, and Phyllis soon begins to communicate with the spirits, much to their annoyance. Along with two innocent trust workers, the humans are caught in the middle of the spirit uprising. Lives will be lost in both worlds, but with Jenius protected by his ‘Thought Processor Force’, can they succeed? The Real World is an adult fantasy novel that questions modern life. Set against the background of a National Trust estate, this is a lighthearted story that will appeal to fans of fantasy fiction.

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