Troubador The King Mother

Released: 01/11/2012

ISBN: 9781780883748

eISBN: 9781780886428

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The King Mother

The Second of the Niscerien Chronicles


The King?Mother is the second in the Niscerien Chronicles and follows on from the The King’s Mistress

With the help of her brother, Eilana has achieved her ambitions. Having become the King’s Mistress then established her son on the throne in the first of the chronicles, Eilana is now King Mother. As his Regent, she must secure her son’s position and dominate her court, but first she must gain firm control of her courtiers, especially Rebgroth, the General of her army.

She turns her attentions to the Kingdoms around Nisceriel, but she has made many enemies. Her eldest son, Harlada, has sworn revenge against her, and his uncle, for the murder of his childhood friend, Prince Gudrick. Harlada has become the Boy-Warlord of the prophesies and carries the coin of Crakulta, but he is only beginning to understand its power. He leads the combined armies of Deswrain, Whorle and the Marshes against Nisceriel, invading from the south. It is up to Rebgroth to stop him. Eilana has embraced the old religion of Sarr, older even than the teachings of Wey, and she is chosen to be mother of Sartaan, born of evil lust to unite the known realms under Sarr. But another child is born to Princess Patrikal, one who could be a threat to Sartaan, a threat that must be eliminated. Events, that even the Weymonk Moreton cannot control, spiral to a climax at the Castle Nisceriel.

British Fantasy Society

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