Troubador The Golden Goddess

Released: 28/11/2014

ISBN: 9781783065592

Format: Paperback

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The Golden Goddess


Following a mental breakdown, archaeologist Emma Carter convalesces in a rest home. Thoughts return to her childhood and to a windswept beach where she discovered a priceless gold artefact – an ugly gargoyle figure known as a Shiel Na Gig, representing a long forgotten deity from antiquity. She believes this is the source of her troubles as she reflects on events that have occurred over the past few months… Emma’s partner Sam Layton, a renowned psychic medium, is having problems of his own. Plagued by unsettling dreams that involve a Celtic warrior’s death and his love for Eirene, a slave girl who is set to be sacrificed to a sun deity, Sam witnesses the dying warrior burying a golden statuette on a beach. Not only do his dreams bother him, but he is suddenly called away to help his former lover Theia with problems concerning her companion Abi, whose erratic behaviour points to the supernatural… What is the mystery of the ‘triumvirate’ of Shiel Na Gig goddesses? Who or what will stop at nothing, including murder, to possess Sam and his friends? And will Sam be able to choose between his troubled relationship with Emma and the carefree time spent with Theia? The Golden Goddess is a fast-paced supernatural thriller that continues on from Nigel Plane’s first novel, The Daughters of Carrawburgh. Centred around Celtic deities, it is a gripping read that will appeal to fans of fantasy fiction.

My new novel, The Mystery of Doe Eyes is due for publication in the early Autumn.
In the mean time, all three of my previous books published by Matador will shortly be available as e books Now is a good time to get acquainted with my work. Alternatively, take advantage of the discounts on offer with the paperback versions already out.

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Nigel Plane

I was born in Leicestershire and worked in the financial retail industry for nearly 40 years.

I draw inspiration for my writing through a passion for history, both ancient and modern, as well as walking and photographing the English landscape.

It's not just ghosts and things that go bump in the night that fire my imagination though; now that mankind is reaching out across the Solar System and beyond, maybe Sci-fi will be my next genre to write about...

And when I take time out from all of the above, I follow Leyton Orient FC and indulge in all of their woes!

Nigel Plane

The Mystery of Doe Eyes
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