Troubador The Foundation – Part One

Released: 09/11/2015

eISBN: 9781785894480

Format: eBook

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The Foundation – Part One



After a failed mission in Afghanistan, Captain Joe Carter is kicked out of the Special Boat Service and finds himself looking for a new purpose in life. He is recruited by The Foundation, a team of ex-spooks and special forces who are headed by the mysterious priest, Father Assaid. They are engaged in a war with the Nephilim, the children of the fallen angels. This is a war that has been fought over several millennia. There can only be one winner. 

 Everything Joe Carter thought he knew about the world he lived in is challenged as he discovers the true history of man and the struggle between the powers of good and evil. As he and his new colleagues fight the Nephilim and their followers across the globe from the suburbs of Madrid to beneath the streets of London, they are battling for their own survival and the survival of humanity.

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Adam Ruston

The author of the Foundation is 36 years old and currently lives in Northern Ireland with his wife and 2 year old son. The Foundation is his debut novel.

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