Troubador The Demon's Call

Released: 28/05/2014

eISBN: 9781784627225

Format: eBook

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The Demon's Call


Beyond the boundaries of our own Mortal World lies the Unseen Realm; a supernatural domain inhabited by entities that prey on humans. Mankind knows them as demons and when the barrier between the two worlds is weakened they can manifest, wreaking chaos and destruction... ‘You want to know what it will be like if the demon takes a host? It will be as though the sun has gone out.’ A hundred years ago a demon broke through the boundary between the Unseen Realm and the Mortal World. One man sacrificed himself to bind it, but when the wards he conjured are weakened, the demon’s influence begins to be felt again. Believing in demons seems out of this world but when Aidan Morgan’s best friend commits suicide, Aidan begins to question the truth behind the folklore. Confronted by the possibility that an external force compelled John to take his life, Aidan is thrown into a world of supernatural forces. Fearing he will be the next victim he knows of only one person he can turn to for help. As the demon’s power grows, its influence spreads and Aidan is forced to confront his own past as he and his allies race to prevent the demon’s final manifestation – but will any of them live long enough to be able to stop it? The Demon’s Call is the first part in the Dark Places sequence. It is an exciting fantasy fiction that taps into the deep core of folklore and legends that exist at the heart of the British and Celtic psyche. Elements of forgiveness and redemption are exposed to give the story more depth and ground them in reality.

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