Troubador The Angry Ghost and Other Stories

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788038522

eISBN: 9781788034005

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The Angry Ghost and Other Stories


A collection of spooky ghost stories and dark tales based on the classic style of horror/supernatural writing, The Angry Ghost and Other Storiesintroduces a return to classic form with a fresh perspective. A man journeying to Cornwall seeking a Ghost - and flowers, an obnoxious bully being welcomed to spend the evening at an old museum, and an author of fictional horror unable to take his friend seriously when he’s told of the Werewolf roaming around his village are just three of a collection that will have you reading with every light on.

The stories have a chilling undertone, a sense of unease without outright horror which is matched by its cast of characters that run the gamut from the ordinary to the undead. These characters share the same fate, a confrontation with something unearthly and should not exist - that is, except in a world where creatures of darkness can still, occasionally, break through. The book also features a mix of voices, from first person to third, and from past to present tense which keeps the pace fast, exciting and varied. With descriptive language, the tales bring with them an atmosphere not easily shrugged off.

“Ultimately, the storyteller weaves his tale of dark possibilities to coax out and into the light creatures that may occasionally intrude upon the living, but never encroach upon or breach the shield of safety of the listener. For the listener is always safe from ghosts…almost always.”

Stacking my Book Shelves

This collection had a very old fashioned vibe to it (which for me was not a bad thing.) It felt more like a screen play and in my mind I could picture the roles that Vincent Price and Boris Karloff would have been pleased to portray...

It is overflowing with beautifully crafted tales, a few of which were reminiscent of Poe.
There is a little suspense and a lot of sorrow here. Tales of ghosts and those who mourn for them, and tales of the dead who mourn for the living. Some had more modern touches of humor (wait until you meet Tommy the Tumor).

Not all are ghost stories. There are some monsters, and stories that venture into fantasy (I have a new appreciation for Seagulls now.) A few were just not my cup of tea but that is the joy of short stories, there is something for everyone so take what you like and leave the rest.

by Irene Cole

I was fortunate to recently spend a cold winter weekend with an old friend. We each brought books and movies we love and I was pleasantly surprised when she brought some old movies, some featuring Vincent Price. It was my first exposure and I really enjoyed the eerie atmospheres and the throwback to days gone by.
This was the first thing I thought of while reading The Angry Ghost and Other Stories. I am a huge fan of well written short stories where every word is crucial and unlike a book, you can't say it started out slow, then grabbed your interest. The author either has the ability to hook you from the first paragraph or not. There are over 30 stories and my top three favorites were The Angry Ghost, The Trial of Gerald Blake and The Museum of Fabulous Monsters. The atmosphere described in these tales often made me think of the Vincent Price movie marathon I attended and of Edgar Allen Poe's work. There are ghosts and monsters and fantasy stories, and I enjoyed the majority of them. A collection like this to me is akin to going to a 'story buffet'. You can try quite a few things, love some, like some and pass on others, but at the end, you leave satisfied. If these types of stories appeal to you, I recommend trying this author's work.
Thank you, Peter Spokes, Troubador Publishing Limited, and NetGalley for the digital copy to read and review.

by Renee Nash

I enjoyed this book. It is short ghost stories woven together to create a great narrative. I found it a little reminiscent of peter Straub's ghost story so it very much appealed to me. If you like ghost stories then look no further. This is one of the best ghost story collections that I have ever read.

by Kelly Dewis

Firstly it must be said that for one author to produce such an eclectic collection of supernatural stories encompassing several genres is to be much admired. They range from the traditionally inspired Victorian or Edwardian tale in the style of M R James or E F Benson redolent of book case lined libraries and old churches as well as more teenage inclined schlock horror. There really is something for everyone here who enjoys a spooky tale. You will encounter among other things ghosts, ghouls, vampires, witches and particularly werewolves who appear in several stories set in both Scotland and Romania.

Unlike myself you do not have to read the book from cover to cover but can dip into it as you please. The stories vary in length from a few pages to novella length. The two I particularly enjoyed could well have come straight out of a collection of an earlier period being "A strange Occurrence" and "Demosthenes" the latter also contained much humour. "Fires and Flames" which is one of the longest stories I also enjoyed and the finale is terrific.

So to sumarise I would certainly recommend this book if you like various forms of supernatural tales but be warned as some may well lead to a few sleepless nights.

by G Heard

A delicious spooky group of short stories. Enjoyed the stories and one of my favourites was the opening story.

by Rhonda Lomazow

If you like H.P Lovecraft & Poe you will like this. It was nice and refreshing to read good old fashioned horror tales. I'd recommend this book.

by Tanya Warlow

I haven't finished reading this book as yet, but I am impressed with what I've read so far. It's an eclectic collection of supernatural stories, which vary in length from a few pages to novella length. It's great for dipping in and out of between books, or for finding a quick read when you're short on time. I highly recommend for the ghost story enthusiast.

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

by Angela Jeffery

This collection of short stories delivers chills and chuckles, surprises and "I knew it!" moments. Each story is unique, yet as a whole they work well together. I thoroughly enjoyed them! Please write more!

by Janette Forman

I have really enjoyed the angry ghost and other stories, short stories are not normally my thing but the way Peter Spokes has written each story is fantastic, The stories are very reminiscent of writers such as HP Lovecraft , Edgar Allen Poe and even Charles Dickens, They are the sort of stories that should be told around a camp fire, they are not gory or scary they are just beautifully written and they weave a spell around you and they deserve to stand the test of time like some of the great writers in history.

by Michelle Heal

Polish version is here:

What to start with here? Maybe from the fact that The Angry Ghost and Other Stories is the longest book I have read since 2005, that is from the moment when I started to write such things (I really do it!). At this point, I must assure you that I have not spent a long time reading, except for a few moments, and it was rather a slow tasting of a perfect dish. As far as I know, Peter Spokes is a debutant - this is probably the only information I have found about him, so such a debut is really a great announcement.

Even the first stories hit something completely unexpected - no one writes today! It was as if you were reading a reprint of some fragmentary horror story from Victorian England. As far as the reading is concerned, we find texts whose action is more contemporary, but it still has the germinating effect at the very beginning. Maybe it's some language magic, and maybe a little bizarre manner of sharing each story into scenes and chapters? Peter Spokes has several favorite themes - the first of them are of course ghosts, but among the characters collected in the volume of songs are also werewolves and zombies, and even angels and worms. It also happens that supernatural beings are in the texts first-person narrators.

And another characteristic feature - actually all the lyrics are lined with sadness, play the theater of going away and passing away, but this melancholy atmosphere carries some warmth of nostalgia. This bipolarity was also characterized by songs by Ray Bradbury from the Green Town series. The stories bring to mind the old school of horror - that is, evoking fear with the help of a mood and airy, misty descriptions rather than a bloody inferno and hanging on the intestinal chandelier.

As I mentioned at the beginning, some stories appeared in debt. Perhaps it was decided by the workshop (I remind you that it is a debut), or maybe some inconsistency - I will use this word, although I can not assess whether there was any intention and premeditation in it. The stories in the collection are of different length - next to the traditional ones we can also find quite long minipovites. It seems to me that a better idea would be to extend the latter to the format of full-fledged novels. These volume differences greatly disrupt the rhythm of reading - well, diversity is a valuable asset, but maybe not at any price.

Despite everything, I recommend this reading - for now only in English. Maybe there will be someone who will translate these texts - it's really worth it. I would report to myself, but I am not so expert translator.

by Krzysztof Maciejewski

I would love to be able to erase my memory just to be able to read this book again! Oh how wonderful were the feelings of anticipation and fear I had felt when reading certain stories!

This book brought me back to my childhood when my grand mother used to write me stories so thank you Mr. Spokes for this.

An easy read, the stories are very diverse and you'll find your horror/adventure needs satisfied.

by Mehdi Tebrouri

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