Troubador The A-Men Return

Released: 29/03/2011

eISBN: 9781848769250

Format: eBook

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The A-Men Return


THE STUNNING SEQUEL TO THE A-MEN. This is hardboiled sci-fi action for adult speculative fiction readers, video game players and lovers of future noir literature and films. Four years have passed since the destruction of the Phoenix Tower and with it the infamous A-Men. The once-great Dead City is now a no-go zone; abandoned and forgotten. Living in this nightmarish underworld Jack is a twisted shadow of his former self, a lone survivor in a world of warring ganglords and their crazed disciples. Yet something is stirring in the sanctuary of the near-space starstations; a realisation that its governing sentience is dying and the one thing that can save civilisation fell to earth a long, long time ago. From unrelentingly visceral to outrageously comic, this is a harsh and poetic twenty-second century noir fable. Yet beneath the hardboiled action is a philosophical journey of one man’s rebirth in a harsh and unforgiving world. It’s The A-Men. Only harder, faster: darker.

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