Troubador Sophia

Released: 28/02/2016

ISBN: 9781785890802

Format: Paperback

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The Path


Sophia: The Path is the sequel to the 2011 novel Sophia: Ghostly Tales (Matador, 2011). Sophia: Ghostly Tales is a humorous attempt to establish if such things as ghosts are real or imaginary, but it is really leading us along a path to the truth about ourselves. In this scientific age, many people are uncertain of whether human beings have a soul or not – and if so, what does it actually consist of? Sophia: The Path further expands on this, taking us along the mystical path that will answer this metaphysical question and also help us discover the meaning of life. If you are searching for the philosopher’s stone, self-realisation and freedom for the imprisoned soul, this book will guide and direct you along the way. This enlightening sequel will appeal to those with an interest in spirituality.

'I am not here to preach, nor even to judge. You will come to know me at last, when you travel the Mystic Path.'

----- Sophia.

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Alan Kinder-Cooke

Alan Kinder Cooke,

chemist and mystic.

Are science and belief coming together at last ?

A strange little concoction.

Who drinks this may come to wonder not at what is out there, but at what is inside.

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