Troubador Return to Genesis

Released: 28/06/2014

ISBN: 9781783064496

Format: Paperback

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Return to Genesis


Return to Genesis is the fifth book in the ‘Angels Cry Too’ series – which examines the consequences of falling in love with a guardian angel. A virus breaks out in an African refugee camp and swiftly spreads. Within days it crosses the world and almost all human life is extinguished… The same disaster occurs across a hundred other mortal worlds, but on one, Alcarion, a few thousand survive in a city under a glass dome. In this city, Terrick, an engineer, repeatedly dreams of a girl with golden hair – and is surprised to encounter her for real. Meanwhile Ruth, now senior Guardian of the Guardian realm, is searching for the soul that was Paul Sayers, her father. Ruth gives Terrick the means to remember her father’s past life as a way to locate him. Paul emerges and returns to the Guardian realm. He learns of the devastation wrought by Ellerstelle across mortal worlds and the Guardian realm. Rebecca, his former guardian and love, is missing too, taken and presumed dead, along with one of the powerful crystals that allow the Guardians to exist. Ruth needs Paul to travel once again to Casserhan, the realm of lost souls, to recover the crystal. But his previous encounters have left many scars and a bounty on his head. Can Paul’s journey succeed? Return to Genesis is a very different kind of fantasy fiction, perfect for the reader who wants to keep their feet in the real world.

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Mark Garrett

Mark Garrett was born and raised in the Fens of Cambridgeshire, where he still lives. Married, aged 45, when not writing for pleasure his real occupation is that of chauffeur for a carriage master, providing limousine services, mainly to the funeral trade.

Like the main character in Angels Cry Too, Mark enjoys 'playing' with classic cars, having owned a 1951 Morris Oxford for over twenty-five years. He is currently restoring a Lancia sports car. He also owned a Wolseley 6/80, as portrayed in the book, at one time.

Has written as a relaxing pastime for over seventeen years and Angels Cry Too was his first delve into the world of publishing. A second novel in the series followed in 2008, Golden Dawn, and it is hoped that a third installment in the series will follow for 2010 continuing the adventures of Paul Sayers and his Guardian Rebecca.

Other interests include fell walking and observing the night sky.

Mark Garrett
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