Troubador Pamalican Island

Released: 01/05/2011

ISBN: 9781848766204

Format: Paperback

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Pamalican Island



Twins Toby and Alice join their grandparents on the holiday of a lifetime, a trip to Pamalican Island. They have never been anywhere like this before. Meanwhile, deep in the blossoming island, exotic preparations are being made for the arrival of a very special visitor...

The holiday adventure begins with great excitement. The island is a playground of white sand, turquoise sea and lush tropical vegetation. But when Granny begins acting completely out of character and Toby encounters a talking monitor lizard, Dakila, it becomes obvious that things are not all as they seem on Pamalican. Toby recounts his story but no one believes him.

In a desperate attempt to convince at least his sister, Toby and Alice explore the island in search of Dakila. To their horror, they stumble across their own Granny transforming into a lizard and their world changes. They are not prepared for the revelation that Granny has a life in a parallel world of lizards, that they know nothing about. She is in fact a royal lizard returning to her homeland for the first time in nearly forty years...

This charming children’s story is suitable for 7-9 year olds. A unique blend of fantasy and fiction, Pamalican Island has been inspired by some of Emma’s favourite children’s authors; Michael Morpurgo, Philippa Pearce and Roald Dahl.

Pamalican Island Book Launch will be held on 10th March 2011 at the Philippine Embassy in London.

“ I really recommend Pamalican Island because it is a brilliant book that is mysterious and exciting and you don’t know what is really happening until the end. It rocks and I can’t wait for part 2” Gabriela Esguevillas

"My seven year old daughter Jasmine loved this book so much that she immediately asked when the next one would be available. Hopefully it will be soon!" Sophia Arnold

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Emma Excell

Emma Excell studied economics at university and enjoyed a successful career as a bond analyst before marrying and starting a family. She has lived overseas in Japan and Germany and has a broad knowledge of the Far East, including Pamalican Island. Emma now works with her second husband Rob Lander as the Chief Operations Officer of Fisikal Ltd, a company providing an online and mobile application that takes care of the essential areas of any health professionals business. As well as juggling the demands of family and a growing business, she also enjoys property development and is currently building a villa in Sri Lanka. Emma has four children and lives in Grayshott, Hampshire.

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