Troubador None So Blind

Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781789018363

eISBN: 9781838598808

Format: Paperback/eBook

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None So Blind


The year is 499. The place is Gea – a largely ethnic, linguistic and cultural unity, though not a political one. Its history has been one of intermittent warfare between its fifteen independent states and with surrounding countries. However, for the last quarter of a century the inexorable rise of Troia has welded the states, now provinces, into a formidable Empire...

Gea is largely unified under the Troian Empire, but the present Emperor is inept and ineffective. Dissatisfaction and disloyalty taint the political air and an aging swordmaster, Diomedes, finds himself having to unravel a plot against the Emperor, while struggling with his feelings for his friend’s wife, whose life is in peril.

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This tale is settled in a world that resembles old Greece but with Xenon's delightful twist. Characters are interesting and likable, not over the top while maintaining a real feel.
Great interactions, magnificent dialogue, and lovely descriptions will immerse the reader into this rough world of friendship, love, and betrayal. You will undoubtedly want to read the next book in the series!

by Ligia de Wit

None So Blind is a brilliantly realized historical fantasy with convincing characters and a gripping plot, set against a colorful and detailed background.

When I say “historical fantasy,” I do not mean to imply traditional fantasy elements: no elves or dragons here. Rather, the world of Gea closely resembles in culture and language the world of ancient Greece and Troy, but in an entirely imaginary geographical and historical setting. None So Blind blends the atmosphere of the Greek legends with a gritty, down-to-earth sensibility more suited to modern tastes.

Diomedes is swordmaster and trainer of warriors for Miltiades, the holder of a key borderland fortress in the Troian Empire. They have been lifelong friends, along with Kalliste, Miltiades’ striking and capable wife. As a web of betrayal and subversion begins to gather, Dio finds that political and military intrigues may undermine his relationship with Miltiades—and force to the surface Dio’s long-suppressed attraction to Kalliste. The slow volcanic build-up of plots and counterplots moves toward an eruption that may upend the Empire as well as the characters’ personal connections.

The tale’s characters are sympathetic and realistically drawn; the meticulously constructed world in which they move makes a fascinating backdrop for their adventures. I strongly recommend None So Blind, which begins a series of interrelated stories set in the land of Gea, but stands as a complete tale on its own.

by Rick Ellrod

None So Blind is not only a story you can immerse yourself in, but it belongs to a world you can get lost in. With characters so lifelike, and a history so rich, you’ll swear this is a romantic retelling of actual events.

This particular novel that kicks everything off is a delightful story of love and war. With every twist and turn the journey took, I was sliding closer and closer to the edge of my seat, fearful and excited to see what happens next. Dio, the strong and capable main character is thrown into a mystery he never asked to be a part of, and his strongest attributes—loyalty and kindness—may very well become his downfall. This tale is ripe with action and adventure, served with a deep cut of betrayal and a satisfying touch of romance. You’re in for a treat, but be warned… once you crack open this story and begin on the journey into this world, it’s hard to leave.

by Tracy Leonard.

I wont go into detail about the story as i dont want to spoil the book, i see so many reviews that give 80% of the story away and it spoils it for the reader in my opinion. I loved this book, I enjoyed the story and i felt connected with the characters. One of my favourite books this year in fact. The story was a real page Turner and infact my other half kept needing to tell me to put it down and go to sleep, I was gripped. Pleaseantly surprised and brilliantly written, a must read for sure.

by Stephen

The book is set in an imaginary place in the ancient world, but based largely on Ancient Greece. Diomedes, who is a sort of Walker Texas Ranger of Antiquity, has to single-handedly battle against those planning to overthrow the Emperor, while at the same struggling to protect the woman he pretends not to be in love with.

Although the book is well-written and has a number of merits, the fact that it is neither historical fiction nor fantasy is rather disconcerting. It is also full of Ancient Greek or quasi-Greek words that are a distraction, while not necessarily adding anything to the atmosphere, although a glossary is provided at the end of the story.

The love interest was pretty predictable, and there isn’t much in the way of character development or psychological interest, especially in relation to the female characters. On the other hand, the author is much better at describing action scenes and these are the parts of the book that work best. The plot is fairly well thought out, exploiting the universal theme of political intrigue and back-stabbing.

I have mixed feelings about the book as a whole. Ultimately, I would have preferred it to have been truly set in Ancient Greece and to have made reference to a real historical context.

by Vivienne

Great book, full of intelligence and humour, and a gripping read. This isn’t my usual genre but I was quickly sucked in. I love this author’s writing and hope to find more from him soon.

by Clare Weze

This is some of the most captivating fantasy I've ever read. The setting is completely novel and engrossing, while the characters feel like real people. Highly recommended! Can't wait to read more in the series!

by PMathison

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