Troubador Lyme Hall

Released: 01/03/2010

ISBN: 9781848762817

Format: Paperback

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Lyme Hall


Rose is happy with her life: an expensive house in the city, loving parents and a best friend she can trust. She wants for nothing and lives life to the full. Then, without warning, her perfect world is torn in two. Forced to move to a country house she hates with a father she no longer understands, Rose is lost and alone. And when she begins to hear things that aren’t there, see things that can’t be real, her father doesn’t want to know; all he cares about are the deer that are disappearing from the estate. Maybe, just maybe, if she can solve the mysteries herself, she can finally make him listen…

Lyme Hall is a contemporary ghost story with a gothic feel. Set in a National Trust owned stately home in Cheshire, it weaves fiction around the real history, locations and folklore associated with the house and its surrounding parkland.

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