Troubador Ley Ryders

Released: 28/02/2017

eISBN: 9781788031271

Format: eBook

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Ley Ryders


Ley Ryders is a fast-paced young adult fantasy with multiple, interwoven plots including characters with physical challenges and a rich, original mythology.

From the birth of the world, the mystical force known as the Ley has flowed, bringing life to all beings and creatures. Only a select group of women, the Ley Ryders, can sense Its power, devoting their lives to its influence, bringing help and protection to those in need. But unseen evil threatens to darken the might of the Ley. Petronia is the daughter of a simple blacksmith yet she feels she is destined for something more. Mysteriously mute from birth, she believes her fate is to become a Ryder. Her protective brother Hayden, however, isn’t so sure. Pet has abilities more acute than any Ryder but will her skills bring peace or unimaginable darkness? Under the watchful protection of the Ryders and accompanied by Aarold, a bookish but frail prince denied his throne by the deceitful manipulation of his aunt, they set out on a perilous quest to discover the truth of Petronia’s destiny.

Ideal for readers aged 16 and over, this is a thrilling fantasy novel from the mind of the creator of the ‘Jersey Demon Trilogy’ about the paths we must take to find our own voice. Ley Ryders gives prominence to those who have physical impairments through the unique characters included and will be enjoyed by fans of Ilona Andrews and J R R Martin.

My most recent book 'Ley Ryders' is currently being produced by Matador. We are at early stages at the moment but I am really excited about sharing this new thrilling fantasy adventure with people

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Holly Williams

I'm Holly and I'm a writer, blogger, artist, graphic designer and all-round trouble maker! I've published a trilogy of fantasy books called 'The Jersey Demon Trilogy which you can find out about by visiting my website Here you can also read my weekly blog on disability issues

When I'm not working on my books , I work three days a week as a designer and media assistant at CHEC, a social firm that produces small run personalised clothing and gift items.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, watching films, visiting National Trust properties, drawing, taking part in quizzes, and playing New Age Kurling.

I'm an avid theatre goer with a passionate love of musicals, in particular the Rocky Horror Show.

Oh, I also have Cerebral Palsy but that's pretty boring!

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