Troubador Hy Brazil

Released: 28/06/2014

eISBN: 9781784627041

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Hy Brazil


The year is 1591 and nineteen-year old Edward Harry sails to Ireland as secretary to the famous poet Edmund Spenser. Confident of his own talents, Edward expects to make his fortune as the English impose their rule on the embittered Irish. His life is blown off-course when an excursion in a small boat off the coast of Kinsale in County Cork leads to a landing on the fabled island of Hy Brazil, the Eleven realm. All is not well in Hy Brazil. The island is riven by a savage civil war and Edward Harry and Calvagh, his Irish companion, are drawn into the very heart of the conflict. This is a beautifully-crafted tale of strange magics and one young man’s struggle to cope with an extraordinary destiny.

I have written a number of novels for adults and children but Lord of the Silver Hand is the first to be published. A sequel is already written in which the same brother and sister have a mystical experience during a holiday to Greece. Fantasy is a large part of my work but it is by no means all I write. I would call it 'literary' fantasy in any case as you would not expect someone who has taught English for as long as I have not to be seriously concerned about language and style,even in books aimed at twelve year olds. One of my most successful plays on the London 'fringe' was an adaptation of The Golden Ass by Apuleius, a romping piece which is full of magic and sauciness. I have new and unperformed plays based on classical texts as well as a substantial piece about our English heritage and what it means to people. The two works of fiction I hope to finish in the very near future are a non-fantasy book for children and an historical fantasy set in late 16th century Ireland

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Gerald Killingworth

I have always been interested in the myths and folk-lore of the British Isles and Lord of the Silver Hand reflects this. Adult readers may also notice the echoes of A Midsummer Night's Dream in the quarrel between the king and queen of the Celtic gods (Lud and Brigantia) which has such repercussions in the human world. This is my favourite of Shakespeare's plays, I was born on Midsummer's Day and when I was living and teaching in Greece I appeared as Lysander in a production of the play which took place about three miles outside Athens in a small grove of trees (the setting for much of the play's action if you remember). Now there's a set of coincidences for you! I love folk music from all over the British Isles and I am a morris dancer, so you could say this is a book with bells on. My years in Greece have also coloured my work as I learnt the language and I have used the history and mythology of that country in a number of my books and plays.

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Lord of the Silver Hand
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