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Released: 01/12/2013

ISBN: 9781783061884

eISBN: 9781783068562

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Hidden Magic


Eight-year-old Grace Darling lives in the small village of Witern Wood.?She and her best friend Christian have had many adventures within the woods but have never once come across the ancient gate that lies concealed behind a large holly bush, the entrance into Liberty, a magical land, where everything is currently not as it should be. An evil force is lurking, depleting Liberty of all that is good. The malevolent Nomeds feed frequently and with each meal they become more formidable. The noble Zavier, leader, or ‘Berthold’, of Maytime Meadow is tasked with the collection of the rest of the realm’s Berthold.?These leaders must gather in front of the Great Prophet, who has foreseen a way in which the Nomeds may be defeated. Zavier selects some of his herd and the small and chirpy Chester to accompany him on a magical and treacherous journey across Liberty. The group face many challenges, a race against time and an increasing threat from the evil Nomeds. Will they make it in time… and what exactly has been prophesied? Hidden?Magic will appeal to children aged 10-14, and older readers. It combines traditional fantasy elements with some horror and is the first in the ‘Liberty Realm’ series.

The Self Publishing Magazine, Issue 32

British Fantasy Society

I think students who enjoy Warriors and other books of that ilk will enjoy this book. This book seems a little young for the teen/YA crowd. Many of my advanced readers would enjoy the story but be put off by the explicit explanations contained in the text. I wanted to like this book more than I did, but I'm sure there are many children who will love it.

by Christine Esposito

4 star review on Amazon

Hidden Magic is a children's fantasy novel in which the noble Zavier (the Berthold of Maytime Meadow) and the rest of his companions must undertake a dangerous trek across the land of Liberty, in order to bring the rest of Liberty's Berthold before the Great Prophet, who has seen a way that, the great evil of the wicked Nomeds that threaten the future of Liberty, can finally be brought to an end.

K.D Faerydae has made Hidden Magic a greatly enjoyable novel for children and adults alike, a story which could truly take bedtime stories to a whole new level. The content is capturing and stimulating for all ages, but does still involve a comical element. All of the numerous characters which appear in Hidden Magic each have their own individual personas; readers are able to relate to the main characters easily through this, which enables the narrative to be set clearly through their roles and personalities. It does contain some rare ambiguous language for those of a younger age, but as an older reader, it does make it more appealing.

I would recommend Hidden Magic to anyone between the ages of 9-14, or whoever enjoys a great fantasy novel. Even as a teenage reader, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Hidden Magic!

by DW1980

5 star review on Amazon
I think it is amazing and the characters are very imaginative. I really liked reading it, especially the mirrored writing. I needed to take the book into the bathroom to read it!
My favourite character was Ice. She was a beautiful white owl. The baddies were very creative too with their plans. I really want to read more about Grace, I loved it.
From Issy aged 10.

by Issy and Dena

5 star review from Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars A great read 8 Jan 2014
By D maestro
Interesting, gripping throughout for adults and children alike
A must read for anybody interested in fantasy fiction or any type of novel

by D Maestro

5 star review on Amazon
A great adventure story!, December 10, 2013
By Amanda - See all my reviews
This review is from: Hidden Magic: Liberty Realm (Kindle Edition)
Review from my son, Brenton (11-years-old): Hidden Magic was a very good book. My favorite characters are Pelagia, the leader of the Water Warriors, and the Water Warriors of Liberty Realm. These warriors are actually made of water! I like when they were on land because they had a human form, but were still water. I liked how their water bodies changed with their moods. For example, if they were mad the water would be violent and if they were calm the water would also be calm.
My favorite part of the book is when the main plot is revealed. I like the book because all of the creatures of Liberty band together to defeat evil!

by Amanda

I think students who enjoy Warriors and other books of that ilk will enjoy this book. This book seems a little young for the teen/YA crowd. Many of my advanced readers would enjoy the story but be put off by the explicit explanations contained in the text. I wanted to like this book more than I did, but I'm sure there are many children who will love it.

by Christine Esposito

5 star review on Amazon
Magical, 17 Jan 2014
By Ashleigh
This review is from: Hidden Magic (Liberty Realm) (Paperback)
This is a truly magical book with great characters, twists and turns and so brilliantly written that I cannot wait for the next book. The main character has a real strength and is seen in high regard by all that he encounters. The book has many positive role models and distinctive differences between good and evil. I enjoyed the way the characters evolved throughout the book, revealing many layers to the story and the characters themselves.
A fantastic read, beautifully written and captivating.
My mum wants to read it next! :)

by Ashleigh

Brilliant fantasy read; can't wait for next instalment!, 7 Feb 2014
By mrs m j bates
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This review is from: Hidden Magic (Liberty Realm) (Paperback)
As a primary school teacher I try to read as many children's books as possible. I enjoy talking to the children about what they are reading and being able to suggest new books.
This is one book I will definitely recommend. The characters are exciting and endearing, with excellent description both for their appearance and personalities. The setting is pure fantasy; real escapism.

I would recommend this book to parents who want a good story to read together and more able readers of approx 9+ an excellent crossover for those not quite ready for Tolkien;)

by M J Bates


The story line is good, but there could have been more background done on Liberty and it's magical creatures. The characters are good, but again some more background especially on the Berthold and other magical creatures would have been nice. The ending was kind of abrupt, I know it is obviously the first book in a series that will not be able to be read as a stand-alone and maybe will learn more background in future books. The story goes between the world of Liberty and real world where Grace who is eight years old is and a bit about her family. Her whole family and it seems most everyone in the neighborhood love animals. Grace has a lovely heart and helps with taking care of the animals, even the elderly lady next doors rabbit. I will be looking into the next book to find out what happens next.

by Darlene Rodman

*5 Stars* Hidden Magic Book Review, February 17, 2014
By Sarah Lowry
This review is from: Hidden Magic: Liberty Realm (Kindle Edition)
From my daughter, Emily, 14 - I loved this book a lot! The story kept me hooked throughout the whole book, and I honestly have to say it is one of the best young adult novels I have read in a long time. This book would be great for any audience not just young adults or children!

by Sarah Lowry

K.D. Faerydae

K.D. Faerydae lives near the fishing town of Hastings. She's currently taking a break from veterinary nursing to spend time with loved ones, writing and travelling. A lover of all things fantasy, K.D's gifted imagination led her husband to advise she write a book... and so she did!

K.D. Faerydae... Magical in every way!

K.D. Faerydae
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