Troubador Hidden Magic

Released: 01/12/2013

eISBN: 9781783068562

Format: eBook

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Hidden Magic


Eight-year-old Grace Darling lives in the small village of Witern Wood.?She and her best friend Christian have had many adventures within the woods but have never once come across the ancient gate that lies concealed behind a large holly bush, the entrance into Liberty, a magical land, where everything is currently not as it should be. An evil force is lurking, depleting Liberty of all that is good. The malevolent Nomeds feed frequently and with each meal they become more formidable. The noble Zavier, leader, or ‘Berthold’, of Maytime Meadow is tasked with the collection of the rest of the realm’s Berthold.?These leaders must gather in front of the Great Prophet, who has foreseen a way in which the Nomeds may be defeated. Zavier selects some of his herd and the small and chirpy Chester to accompany him on a magical and treacherous journey across Liberty. The group face many challenges, a race against time and an increasing threat from the evil Nomeds. Will they make it in time… and what exactly has been prophesied? Hidden?Magic will appeal to children aged 10-14, and older readers. It combines traditional fantasy elements with some horror and is the first in the ‘Liberty Realm’ series.

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K.D. Faerydae

K.D. Faerydae lives near the fishing town of Hastings. She's currently taking a break from veterinary nursing to spend time with loved ones, writing and travelling. A lover of all things fantasy, K.D's gifted imagination led her husband to advise she write a book... and so she did!

K.D. Faerydae... Magical in every way!

K.D. Faerydae
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