Troubador Herbmaster of Tarodash

Released: 01/10/2013

ISBN: 9781783061396

Format: Paperback

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Herbmaster of Tarodash


Tarodash is under attack from an ancient enemy. A land of gentle folk, unused to conflict, it is ill-equipped to face an invasion.

Perad, a young herbmaster, is called upon to save his village, using craftsmanship enhanced by a magic which resides in the rock strata of the land. A raiding party is defeated, but the invaders will return, and may even be seeking revenge. The village must flee. As the enemy close in, Perad faces further tests, until, in a final confrontation, he will need to wield his craft on a vastly different scale.

Herbmaster of Tarodash is a traditional fantasy adventure, with the narrative cadences of a thriller. Written with lyricism and sensitivity, a plot of strength and clarity, and deep attention to the integrity of its world and people, it is a book for those who cherish fantasy interwoven with powerful elements of courage, loyalty, sacrifice and love.

Set to appeal to readers of Ursula le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea. Colin Hollis’s Herbmaster of Tarodash carefully blends fantasy with the pacing of a thriller to create a gripping first novel.

i have just read this book and very much enjoyed it, well done Colin.

by joy

Most enjoyable. It is exactly as the blurb describes. I look forward to reading the next novel by Colin Hollis.

by Jackie

Colin Hollis


Thank you for taking an interest in the land of Tarodash. I hope you find the time and inclination to read the story here. If you do, you will immerse yourself in an enticing world, follow for a while those who inhabit that land, and join them in their increasingly desperate struggles and battles against an ancient and terrifying invading enemy. The gentle and honorable folk of Tarodash are armed not so much with weapons, but with courage, resolution, sacrifice and love. And they have a little help from a magic craft-enhancing force which resides in the rock strata of the land.

I wanted a book which combined lyrical writing with clarity of narrative and well-paced storytelling, in a totally believable land, peopled with folk we can admire and relate to. I hope I have succeeded.

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Thank you.

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