Troubador Grand Vizier of Krar: Trilogy

Released: 28/09/2016


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Grand Vizier of Krar: Trilogy


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Strings of Destiny
Balance of Doubt
Fulcrum of Power

The Catastrophic War all but destroyed mankind and, fifty millennia later, the world is greatly changed. Great tensions are building in Earth's crust and in the governance of mankind. Behind the megalomania of Black Knight and his sister, Queen Rega, an evil cult plots domination. Long before, the Order of Chains murdered the Grand Vizier, the greatest nobleman and icon of the free world, but not before he passed his medallion of office to his son, Praalis, who escaped into exile. Many years have passed, during which Praalis has worked tirelessly to oppose the Order whilst evading its efforts to destroy him. Now he is very old and it is time for a successor. A seemingly unlikely candidate appears, but this is the one foretold, the one who will be the greatest leader of all, with the power of mind to use the legacy of alien visitors to fight for freedom.

Volume 1, Strings of Destiny, records how Blan, a village girl fascinated by scientific enquiry, discovers a powerful underground installation created by extraterrestrial visitors, part of a legacy that will greatly impact her future. She is soon abducted by pirates, and the unpredictable consequences lead her into the midst of war, and pit her against an evil not seen since the Catastrophic War.

In Fulcrum of Power and Balance of Doubt, Blan finds herself in the centre of world events. In the wake of love and personal tragedy, she sets out on a desperate mission to assist Port Fandabbin, bastion of freedom, which is besieged. If she succeeds, the tide of war may turn, at least for a while. If she fails, the enemy’s victory is assured. Again in enemy territory, she suffers for it. However, her friends refuse to let her face danger alone, so they follow her into danger. To counter enemy forces and parry the Chainers’ schemes, Blan must use political strategy, diplomacy, and her power of mind to achieve what force of arms can not.

Maps, a glossary, information and stories about the characters, and other resources are available at the website.

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W. John  Tucker

Author of the Grand Vizier of Krar series of epic science fiction novels: Strings of Destiny, Fulcrum of Power and Balance of Doubt.

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