Troubador Gorky

Released: 28/07/2017

ISBN: 9781788033688

Format: Paperback

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Gorky is a quest novel set in a dreamscape environment of alternative temporal-space where the only limits are the imagination. This novel that will appeal to adult readers interested in adventure and fantasy themes. Firkin village is totally isolated, yet a mysterious virulent disease manifests. The elders are indecisive, much to the frustration of the intrepid water carrier, Gorky. He takes it upon himself, without official sanction, to go on a quest to seek the fabled healing waters of Sacradia to save the stricken tribe. On his journey he encounters many colourful characters and weird creatures. Each experience serves to ameliorate Gorky and readers will enjoy the progression of his character throughout the book. The characters within Gorky make crucial decisions that shape their lives. The novel is imbued with allegory and satirical observation. There is much humour demonstrated in Michael Nilsen’s latest release, allowing a serious message to be presented in a more palatable way.

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