Troubador Goliath's Eye

Released: 28/03/2016

eISBN: 9781785896347

Format: eBook

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Goliath's Eye


Saving the world? David Spencer certainly didn’t think that was his destiny. Teenager David sees himself as very ordinary, weak, and shy. He is forced into an unwanted move to a distant coastal town – which plunges him into chaos. This new place is full of surprises. His older brother Richard has somehow turned into a completely different man. He quickly becomes entranced by a wood nymph – the iridescent Daisy. A Magical and ancient woodland is being ripped apart in the name of progress. However, the force stopping the bulldozers and protecting the natural order is a giant – a real-life giant. His incredible new home has a strange brutal history. As bizarre events unfold David discovers he’s been singled out to help – him, and him alone. He doesn’t realise he’s slowly absorbing the madness which is consuming everyone around him. Who would ultimately survive? Goliath’s Eye will appeal to fans of dark fantasy and Paul’s first novel, Acid Bubbles.

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