Troubador Gethin’s Hostelry

Released: 23/07/2021

eISBN: 9781800466166

Format: eBook

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Gethin’s Hostelry


‘...Master Flinch. This is how he marches. First the left foot, then the right. The left, the right and on and on towards his quarry. You would not hear him coming across frozen leaves, you would not see him coming in an empty street...’ 

So this is the story of how I came to leave my scrivener’s life in search of a wider world. Of how I took up company with Artur, the sweetest singer of magic, and with that shabby raconteur called Shiny Bill. And of what came next, after we fell foul of the merchant Longturn, after he unleashed his stalker Master Flinch upon us, after we went in search of a fearful prize. 

In the course of which, and amongst other things: skittles, white beasts, ravenous lichs and the Night Knife. Plus encounters with a baker, three and a half adventurers, and a house with five hundred and one rooms. 

Incorporating reflections on my younger days. Also commentary revealing the many fallacies of Gascoigne’s Seasons of the Road.

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A. Murray Smith

I am a university lecturer. I teach, and write about, the politics of sport, literature and popular culture, and about the history of resistance to racism and empire. Gethin's Hostelry is my first novel, although I have written a number of academic books, and have had poems published in Wasafiri and by the Ragged Raven Press.

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