Troubador Galleon

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788033374

Format: Paperback

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Galleon is a fantasy, steampunk novel, which questions an individual’s role within society and where those without power are looking to get it in any way they can.

Set in Gallow, in the world of Eera, the population is facing a tumultuous change and nowhere is that more apparent than in its capital, Cerrano. A city made up of immigrants and inventors, those without magic are beginning to question their low status in society, railing against their position as lesser. Played out through three protagonists, Galleon introduces a world where sexuality is unlabelled, females are predominantly in charge, and power is entrenched with those who have always held it.

Fifteen year old Greycoat cadet Lara Key has been trained since birth to be the perfect officer and, when sent to Cerrano to fulfil this role, finds herself in a city of colour and chaos that shakes loose the passions her trainers spent so long beating down.

Inventor Watterson Teach, co-leader of the influential Steam Syndicate and father to liberationist agitator Evie, is struggling. He and his friend Modesto Cinnabarr find themselves embroiled in a scandal as their third business partner and oldest friend dies under strange circumstances, leaving them to keep the Syndicate afloat as the city closes in around them.

Ridley Ripley and her quick-tempered girlfriend Friday return to Cerrano in the hopes of leaving their troubles behind them. However Ridley is a Shadow, a race of people from the far north with distinctive features and an even more unforgettable history.

Galleon is similar to the work of Michael Ondaatje for composition and poetic use of description, Neil Gaiman for world building and characterisation, and Joe Abercrombie for grit in a fantasy setting.

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