Troubador Forest of Fleeting Shadows

Released: 28/08/2017

ISBN: 9781788032742

Format: Paperback

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Forest of Fleeting Shadows


Forest of Fleeting Shadows takes young readers on a journey of discovery to Peridot, a fantasy realm where life is not ruled by a clock, but by nature and the changing of the seasons. The book follows two young witch sisters, Sapphire and Saffron, who become estranged after they fall in love with the same man. The wickedness of their feud is felt by many living in the forest and the situation is only made worse when King Thoden intervenes and unwittingly helps the wrong sister. After Sapphire is cursed with crippling old age by her sister, she begins a journey to reclaim her former life, forming an unlikely friendship with two misfit goblins along the way. But before she can find the allies she has been searching for, Sapphire faces a series of conflicts and a dramatic confrontation with her sister that almost results in her death. All the while an old menace lurks in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to exact their revenge. The inhabitants of Peridot are drawn into war against invading goblins and salvation relies on men, elves and dragons setting aside their differences. But will they be able to unite to stop the imminent goblin tyranny? Inspired by the work of J. R. Tolkien, Forest of Fleeting Shadows will appeal to young adult readers aged 12 years and over. It will be enjoyed by fans of fantasy fiction, as well as those that enjoy love stories. The book also takes inspiration from William’s home town on the Sussex coast and will be enjoyed by readers based in and around the area.

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