Troubador Fairy Child

Released: 28/07/2017

eISBN: 9781788030199

Format: eBook

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Fairy Child


When Ken buys some land and starts to build a house, all seems to be going well. However, it isn’t long before Ken starts to feel unsettled, as though an unwanted presence is hovering nearby…

Ken asks locals what might be the cause of his feelings of unease, and is told that some seventy years ago, a five-year-old girl from the area drowned in suspicious circumstances. Since then, any strange occurrences have been blamed on her wandering spirit. Ken’s wife, Nora, pushed to breaking point and wanting to take action against the ghost of the young girl, insists on an exorcism. Will the spirit of the drowned girl be banished from the town, or will her lingering presence haunt the local residents forever?

Fairy Child is an intriguing tale of suspense, a fascinating exploration into the unknown. Is reality as we know it, all there is?

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