Troubador Extropia

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Released: 28/03/2017

ISBN: 9781788036566

Format: Paperback

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Mind Game


An act of sabotage leaves Edward Founder’s brother and father trapped inside a virtual reality game, Extropia. Edward goes after them and discovers that the game is overrun by the artificially intelligent tyrant, Deofol. Deofol is holding Edward's brother captive, but little does Edward realise that Deofol has learnt of the real world, and the closer he draws to rescuing his brother, the closer he comes to the trap that will enable Deofol's code-based mind to escape the confines of Extropia and enter the real world. As Edward races to save his family from being trapped inside Extropia forever, he must not only beat the game and a host of despicable characters, but also come face to face with his own inner demons. Inspired by computer games such as Skyrim and The Witcher 3, Extropia: Mind Game explores the worlds of artifical intelligence and virtual reality. Accompanying the increased presence of virtual reality in the consumer landscape, Robin’s debut science-fiction novel creates a dystopian world in which computer game characters become self-aware and intelligent. The book will appeal to readers of science fiction, but also to players of fantasy role-playing computer games to whom the landscape of Extropia will seem very familiar. Extropia: Mind Game will also appeal to readers of adventure stories, and fans of dystopian books such as The Hunger Games series.

“A rip-roaring sci-fi thriller and chilling imagining of the future of Artificial Intelligence” –Rashid Razaq, Evening Standard Culture Correspondent.

“Robin Bootle has given the devil an update and located him in cyberspace. A rapid plot with intriguing twists and turns.” Brian Keaney, Jacob’s Ladder.

“Fast paced, original, gripping – but also, that rare thing, a science fiction thriller with heart” – Philip Wooderson, Acropolis Series

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Westmorland Gazette

Outside of reading, one of my favorite hobbies is playing video games, especially open-world adventures like Skyrim and Fallout. In addition, virtual reality play such as the Sword Art Online series are extremely interesting to me. If you’re at all interested in these things, you will fall in love with Extropia: Mind Game.

This novel doesn’t stay in one place for very long as our main character, Edward, traverses the unbelievably realistic world of Extropia, a science fiction virtual reality video game created by his missing father and brother. Why is he so emotionally invested in the characters presented to him? Why does the world affect him as if it’s real? I found that Robin Bootle’s experience with role-playing video games helped portray the main character as a gamer, someone experienced in how leveling and game progression worked. There were no questions on my end that were not answered throughout the story.

Even if you’re not a fan of video games, this story has a lot to offer. The world of Extropia is full of political strife and feuding powers. Edward must decide if the very real possibility of death and dismemberment is worth risking for virtual reality characters. Can he really make a difference in the trek he makes through this danger-ridden world, or is he just following pre-determined steps in a quest that was meant for every other player of the game? Can you really grow to have emotional bonds with synthetic characters in a video game? And if so, how far will you go for those that you bond with?

by Angelica Desrochers

It was a really great read as I loved video games when I was a kid and this brought back the thrill and excitement one gets while playing a game. The main character Edward was a true person who was shown as an angry teenage who as the story progressed became a strong leader. I will definitely read the book again.

by Sara Usmani

Robin Bootle

Robin lives in Crouch End, London, with his wife, Kate. He has a passion for stories – be they films or books – that transport him to another world. He is a keen follower of the debates around artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and is a fan of role-playing computer games such as Skyrim and The Witcher 3, and has combined his passions to inform his story. You can find Robin on twitter (@robinbootle), on facebook:, or at

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