Troubador Darkshines Seven

Released: 30/07/2015

eISBN: 9781784626440

Format: eBook

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Darkshines Seven

Bleeker Hill Book 2


Great Britain has broken. The government has imploded and rioting and anarchy have been commonplace for a long time. In the fallen cities and the desolate countryside, people cling to new lives, found and forged amidst the chaos. Stepping into the void of power, a mysterious group known only as ‘The Party’ are attempting to restore order however they can. Eighteen year old Mia Hennessey, along with her faithful dog Blarney, walks the empty roads and lives her life in the broken cities. Hunted by The Party and haunted by a place called Bleeker Hill, Mia finds herself strangely drawn to the outskirts of City 17, a dangerous place where her past and present will collide, and a dark and deadly mystery will slowly unravel. As a cold-blooded assassin closes in and The Party start to set their traps, Mia, Blarney and five strangers find themselves bound together by an old nightmare. A horror born from a place called Darkshines...

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Russell Mardell

Russell Mardell is a playwright, scriptwriter and filmmaker based in the South West of England.

Having trained in film production he went on to write and direct the low budget films Burn and Cool Blokes: Decent Suits. His theatre work has included the recent plays The Seventeenth Valentine and Freestate both of which premiered in London.

Silent Bombs Falling On Green Grass is his first collection of short fiction. He is currently at work on his first novel, has two stage plays ready for production and is in pre-production on his next film.

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