Troubador Children of The Earth

Released: 28/06/2018

eISBN: 9781789011159

Format: eBook

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Children of The Earth

The Last Gathering


Fantasy characters are set in the real world and deal with mental health issues.
Illustrates how different people deal with the challenges and choices they face every day.

The story begins with the five families. Each of these families were tasked with watching over the earth and all its inhabitants. To aid them in their task each family were given unique gifts and abilities that made them stand out, but before long the people of the world soon began to get extremely jealous of the families and started to see them as a threat.

It was from thoughts such as these that violence soon erupted amongst the people. They attacked and killed everyone to do with these special people and destroyed everything they stood for, and they nearly succeeded. But what the people did not know, was that the last of the five families knew their own end was near and took it upon themselves to perform a ritual which would give two chosen members the ability to live nine lifetimes on this earth.

Their names were Kin and Aoibhinn and they were now alone in a world they did not know or understand. With all the traumas of their past still fresh in their mind, they must somehow find a way to make it.

But one thing was for certain, they were by no means going to live an ordinary life...

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