Troubador Child of the Covenant

Released: 28/03/2015

ISBN: 9781784620998

eISBN: 9781784625726

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Child of the Covenant


Beyond the boundaries of our own Mortal World lies the Unseen Realm; a supernatural domain inhabited by entities that prey on humans. Mankind knows them as demons, and when the barrier between the two worlds is weakened, only chaos and destruction can ensue. Continuing from Kim’s previous book The Demon’s Call, Aidan and Gwyn have formed an uneasy alliance with modern-day wizard Eldritch. The stakes are raised when it becomes apparent that someone else is working to bring about the demon’s manifestation, and that they are prepared to kill in order to succeed. When one of the trio is critically injured, the other two must face a terrible choice if they are to defeat the demon. Child of the Covenant is the second installment of the ‘Dark Places’ sequence, a series that taps into the deep core of folklore and legends that exist at the heart of the British and Celtic psyche. Inspired by authors such as Barbara Hambly and Nora Roberts, due to their strong female protagonists, this book will appeal to those who enjoy stories about fantasy worlds and paranormal activity, as well as to fans of The Demon’s Call (Matador, 2014).

Beyond the boundaries of our own Mortal World lies the Unseen Realm; a supernatural domain inhabited by entities that prey on humans. Mankind knows them as demons and when the barrier between the two worlds is weakened they can manifest, wreaking chaos and destruction...

‘You want to know what it will be like if the demon takes a host?
It will be as though the sun has gone out.’

A hundred years ago a demon broke through the boundary between the Unseen Realm and the Mortal World. One man sacrificed himself to bind it, but when the wards he conjured are weakened, the demon’s influence begins to be felt again. But who in the modern world believes in demons let alone has the power to challenge one?

Aidan Morgan doesn’t believe demons but when his best friend commits suicide he begins to question the truth behind the folklore. Confronted by the possibility that an external force compelled John to take his life, Aidan is thrown into a world of supernatural forces. Fearing he will be the next victim he knows of only one person he can turn to for help. Yet how can he bring himself to trust a woman who once betrayed him and his family?

As the demon’s power grows and its influence spreads, Aidan is forced to confront his own past as he and his allies race to prevent the demon’s final manifestation – but will any of them live long enough to be able to stop it?

Set against a backdrop of the rugged Welsh landscape The Demon’s Call is an exciting fantasy that taps into the deep core of folklore and legends that exist at the heart of the British and Celtic psyche. With vivid descriptions and a tightly woven plot this book will appeal to those who enjoy the darker side of fantasy fiction. Readers will be kept turning the pages until well after midnight… and then left sleeping with the lights on.

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This book continues the story begun in "The Demo's Call' and is every bit as gripping and well written as its predecessor. Can't wait to see what comes next!

by Nicolas

Loved this second book of the series! The characters quickly grabbed me again and whisked me off to Wales for another dose of dark, thrilling adventure. Several twists in there that I didn't see coming, and more of Kim's lovely descriptive language, drawing me in. Many chores were put on hold while I read "just another chapter" ... which inevitably turned into more than one every time! Looking forward to Part 3!

by Mrs Marion Catling

I enjoyed 'The Demon's Call' so much, that I was eager to read the next book in the Dark places sequence, 'Child of the Covenant'. The story continues and is even more exciting and frightening than the first part. Gwyn, Aiden and Eldritch struggle to stop the demon breaking through into our world. Do they succeed? Do they all survive the trauma of the task? No, I am no going to spoil it for you. It is a great read by an excellent Author. I am really looking forward to reading more books by Kim Gravell in the future.

by Deb Schild

4 out of 5 stars

A very interesting book and one I am looking forward to see more from the author.

by Sean Talbot

This was a very interesting story, and as I was getting into it I realized that I need to go find the first book to understand some of the things going on between all the characters. That being said, Kim Gravell had a way of describing things that made me feel as though I was right there with the characters. There were some twists that I figured were coming, but still made me catch my breath. And some that I didn’t see coming at all and had me gasping in shock.
To use a constant saying from my 11th Grade English Lit teacher (replacing name of course)....Well done Ms. Gravell, well done.

by Sherri Williamson

Kim Gravell

For as long as I can remember I have created stories in my head. I thought everyone did so until I suggested a friend tried it as an alternative to hours of nocturnal worrying. My suggestion was met with blank incomprehension. It seemed I was wrong in my assumption. Yet it is something I have always done.

As a young child the stories I told myself often featured characters and creatures I had encountered in books or on television. Later an English teacher endorsed this approach as an academic exercise. While I doubt The Importance of Being Earnest was ever going to benefit from the additional scenes written by a class of teenage girls, I recall enjoying the process. By then the habit of creating stories was truly ingrained and I was entertaining myself developing characters and worlds of my own.

Only recently have I taken to writing my stories down and sharing them. Those of you who are interested can read one of my successes at which won first prize in a Writing Magazine competition.

And so to The Demon’s Call and its sequel, Child of the Covenant – books one and two in the Dark Places sequence of novels. They are based on a story I began to weave many years ago. Once I had created them the characters haunted me, refusing to retreat back into my subconscious, so I carried them around looking for a landscape where the events I imagined could logically take place. It was when my husband and I started coming regularly to mid-Wales, spending our weekends and holidays working on the conversion of the old Wesleyan chapel that is now our home that my story also found a place to take root. Settling into the mythology and superstitions surrounding the old lead mines that riddle the local area the story blossomed, growing into two novels with the seeds of one other (at least) already planted. The Demon’s Call was published in May 2014. Child of the Covenant followed in March 2015.

My writing style has been described variously as dark, gripping, descriptive and eloquent. You will have to decide for yourself whether you think these are accurate. Most of my work contains a strong paranormal or fantasy element, often woven into contemporary settings. The short story I’ve given a link to above is a rare exception with such things only hinted at. But don’t let the paranormal / fantasy tag lead you to expect teenagers swooning over vampires and werewolves. My characters’ encounters with the paranormal are rarely romantic.

I have always loved reading and, of the many authors I enjoy, my favourite has to be Barbara Hambly. The way she engages all the senses in her descriptions and the strength of her characterisation never cease to delight me. I particularly like the way her female characters are in no way constrained by their gender. I have tried to find a similar balance with my own creations. André Norton, Tolkien, Ursula LeGuin… fantasy and science fiction authors were devoured as fast as I discovered them on the library shelves. I love Kipling for his language and the rhythm of his words. Ted Hughes is another favourite poet and - living in Wales - how could I not include the works of R.S.Thomas? First encountered in my school days the lines I learned for my English “O” Level are still fresh in my mind many, many years on. All these and more have inspired me and have no doubt influenced my writing style. If I am considered to have achieved even a small measure of their eloquence I will be delighted.

So what of me, the person? As I have mentioned, I live in Wales with my husband. I hold a Third Dan in Shotokan karate and a BSc Honours degree in Zoology. Amongst other things I am a master Reiki healer, a Spiritualist, a practicing yogini and a marketing manager for a major IT company. I love traveling, people watching and animals of all shapes and sizes and can no more imagine spending a day without reading than I can a day without breathing.

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