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Released: 28/04/2016

ISBN: 9781785891465

eISBN: 9781785895135

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Set in both the 17th century and the modern day, Bonds is a dark fantasy novel which tells the story of Becca Martin’s struggle to accept her birthright as a witch and Antony Cardover’s battle to break his vampire curse. The two are linked together by Isabella Cardover, Antony’s adulterous wife and Becca’s ancestor. To break his curse, Antony must destroy Becca. To save herself, Becca must use her gift of the Craft. Only one of them can survive... Towards the end of the 17th century, Antony Cardover has slaughtered most of the village of Breccan, seeking vengeance for his wife Isabella’s betrayal. Anna Martindale, Isabella’s mother and a practising witch, is the only one who can stop him. Antony can only be stopped by breaking the curse, but the curse can only be broken by Antony destroying Isabella and all her descendants. In an attempt to break the curse, Antony realises the truth too late, just as Anna’s spells condemn him to a stone sarcophagus buried in consecrated ground for eternity. In the present, Becca Martin starts her first day at the new Ramply Homes site of St Martin’s Church, in the grounds of which Antony resides. Soon Becca is haunted by visions and nightmares that leave her wounded and afraid. The desecration of the church has weakened the spells and people start to die as Antony breaks free. To find answers, Becca visits her estranged mother, where she discovers the truth about her ancestry and is forced to face up to whom and what she is. Only a small wooden box and her gift of the Craft hold the key to her survival. Inspired by Stephen King and James Herbert, Bonds is a gripping read that will appeal to fans of fantasy novels, in particular those with an interest in vampires, witches and the supernatural.

The third volume in the BONDS series, BONDS RE-BOUND, is due for release later this year!

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I loved this book. It is well written and Marie Cope takes the much traveled tales of witches and vampires and makes it her own. In the vain of James Herbert she manages to create a 'real world' setting where the extraordinary happens rather than create fantastic other worlds. Bonds is an excellent debut novel but I am disappointed that the hardback version has not been released. It may seem petty, but a book like this should be available in hardback and I hope that the publishers take note.

by D Brent

I read books in the supernatural genre prolifically; Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer, Deborah Harkness, J R Ward, Lilith Saintcrow & Laurell K Hamilton to name but a few. I'm always looking for new authors to read but am often disappointed since it appears everyone is jumping on the bandwagon! This book however, was not a disappointment. If you're expecting the typical teenage supernatural romance, bonds isn't it! It's dark, intelligent and full of suspense. I loved the character of Anna because you can feel her pain, but all the characters are interesting and well written. The ending suggests a second book will follow and I can't wait. If you like grown up supernatural thrillers this is well worth a read.

by N Shaw

I'm not a major fan of the vampire genre but Bonds is something rather special. Taking a theme which is growing a bit tiring and creating an original tale that moves along at a cracking pace with a story line which keeps you guessing. Just the right kind of mix of scary and storytelling at its best. Definitely looking forward to the next book from Marie Anne Cope, great debut novel!

by Avid Reader

I don't normally comment on books I've read as they are generally written by mainstream authors and are therefore reviewed by numerous others. On this occasion given its Marie's debut novel I felt compelled to, as it was thoroughly enjoyable and captivating read. This book is a well crafted debut novel which will captivate any reader, even if like me vampires are not their normal genre and leave them waiting in anticipation for her next novel.

by Marcus Christopher

I don't think I've read a book so fast in all my life. I found it so exciting all the way through,emotional and creepy.This book has a bit of everything.would definitely recommend to friends and family.looking forward to more books from Marie especially a sequel.

by Afton Millman

This isn't a genre that I would normally choose to read, but I decided to give Bonds a go on the basis of a recommendation from a friend. As it is literally the first vampire based book I have ever read, I can't make a comparison with any others, but what I can say is that I couldn't have been more surprised with how much of an enjoyable read I found it to be.

I was immediately gripped by the story, and found myself repeatedly thinking "Just one more chapter...". One chapter turned into another, and another, and another - I finished the book in three sittings. The style of writing is pacey and easy to read, and keeps you wondering what is going to happen next.

I'll definitely be reading anything more published by this author.

by SueC

Picked this book up and could not put it down. The story is well mixed with past and present, and draws you into the Antony Cardover Saga, in a way in which you now want to know if he is released from his curse. I would recommend to anybody whom enjoys the trials and tribulations of the undead :)

by Claire Carmel Rigby

A very enjoyable easy read, the pages & chapters 'fly by' whilst also the story , rebounding between the past and present with echo location precision of one of 'Anthony's' alter incarnations, mean you never lose the plot.

Excellent debut novel, I highly recommend you read.

by Ironstein

I bought this novel after it was recommended by a friend. As soon as I started reading it I was hooked! I found it hard to put down and enjoyed it so much the chapters just flew by. It was well written and covered the 2 time periods, 400 years apart with ease. I have in the past found other novels which cover different time periods seem to jump around too much but this was different. I really can't wait for the sequel!

by Beryl

I'm not normally in to vampire / horror. However this is a good compelling story and recommend to anyone especially lovers of vampire and horror. I believe this is the first book by the writer and look forward to the sequel. My congratulations to Marie Anne Cope's debut.

by Trev Smith

I loved this book! It was recommended to me and although I would not normally read books of this genre, it drew me in almost instantly. It has a clever, well thought out and intriguing plot. Switching between 17th century and modern times was interesting and flowed well. The characters were richly drawn, especially Antony. I believe a sequel is planned, if so I will be among the first to order. I think it would make an excellent film.

by J Hesketh

There's obviously something intensely personal about Marie Cope's characters in Bonds. In her self-published first novel, Marie seems to pour her soul into the story and especially the female protagonist. If her facebook page is to be believed, there's a sequel in the offing and, based on Bonds, it should be worth the wait.

by John Marshall

Was gripped by the book from start to finish, a great read that keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next. Could not put the book down and really excited for the next instalment with the follow up book broken bonds.

by Rachel Young

It's a solid read, and better than some (quite a few) of the traditionally published books I've read recently. It has several well-defined characters, not all of them human (I'm looking at you, Spook!), a better heroine than the traditionally published Highgate Vampire novel (which really wasn't impressive) and a far more satisfying vampire than the twinkly teen type.

There are a few points where the language could do with cleaning up (one granny figure says 'child' so often that it reads like a benevolent verbal tic) and some plot points that could be worked on. I'm also not sure about the morality of blaming rape/massacre/serial deaths on one woman who happens to put herself about a bit, rather than the man/demon who actually perpetrates the attacks.

Overall, I looked forward to reading this when I got home from work - and trust me, that is a recommendation.

by RhiAnima

Absolutely loved this book. I loved the present day real world settings and also the flashbacks into a past medieval setting. Awesome likeable characters. Cant wait to read the next one. If you like vampires and witches read it.

by Mr W N Clarke

Given this for my birthday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not my normal genre but a very satisfying read. Would recommend.

by Alice Ashley

I would not classify Bonds as a `vampire` book !
There is a rich blend of characters and their life stories beautifully meld through time...But only one of those characters is a lead and that is definitely Becca...The existence of other mystic creatures just adds more flavor !
The vampire theme is wrapped in dark erotica and it is much different than watching a movie...It is more like living it and feeling what it is like to be a vampire !

by Dessi Daborn

A well executed horror/drama novel with strong female characters and a plot that flits from present day to hundreds of years ago without losing the thread of the plot. The Bonds in the novel are both physical and corporeal being the ties that bind us to our individual fates. The villain of the piece is well rounded and his actions and motivations are understandable to the reader even when they are horrific in nature.

The lead character has agency and potency which makes this novel better than Twilight, in my opinion.

by Rob Taylor

Excellent read! Really enjoyed it, found it hard to put down.
Also read Broken Bonds and look forward to the next instalment!
Looking forward to your book reading in Wrexham very soon!

by Reader

Marie-Anne Cope

Marie Anne Cope was born in Marlow, in the UK. She has worked as a salesperson and a banker, before eventually training as an accountant, working for over a decade in practice and industry before setting up her own business. Marie is also a yoga teacher.

She is presently writing three series.

The BONDS series is set in both the seventeenth century and the modern day, and follows the unusual relationship between Becca Martin and Antony Cardover. Becca is forced to face up to her birthright as a witch in order to survive and help Antony in his quest to break his vampire curse.

THE MISFITS follows the adventures of four supernatural friends – Achoo, Mina, Boo and Zoe – who are all failing at being what their parents and teachers expect them to be. During their adventures, they learn that being different, being unique, is not just okay, it’s perfect, as they help others in need along the way.

TALES FROM A SCARYGIRL are collections of short horror stories which not only seek to explore what lies beyond the veil that separates this world from the next, but also what darkness lies deep within us, waiting for an opportunity to escape!

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