Troubador Blood & Ashes

Released: 17/02/2010

ISBN: 9781848763487

eISBN: 9781848763487

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Blood & Ashes


"Their connection defied the boundaries of time and combined vampire superstition with a complex modern love story." In her debut novel Ravens Deep, Jane Jordan brought together two unforgettable characters, Madeline Shaw and Darius Chamberlayne. Blood and Ashes is a powerful follow-up to Ravens Deep - a story layered in myth and vampire culture, set among London's hidden world and the beauty of Exmoor. Madeline's story began years before, but now she has been given the kiss of death, a new chapter begins. With Darius to guide her immortality might be bearable, but driven by a force she doesn't understand, she disregards his warnings and succumbs to her treacherous instinct. She's led to London's underground tunnels, where darkness rules and terror awaits. Madeline's will is tested to the limit, but she risks everything to escape and return to her beloved Darius and Ravens Deep. her actions lead to a chain of events that will have disastrous and heart-breaking consequences. A mixture of love, revenge and horror that takes the reader on an unexpected journey through the lives of three enigmatic immortals.

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Morsel and Juices

West Somerset Free Press, May 2010

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Jane Jordan

Jane Jordan is an English novelist with a taste for dark romance and the supernatural. From her Florida home she pens stories of deliciously complex characters, using intriguing locations that are wrapped in rich gothic tension. England and Scotland provided a backdrop for previous novels of vampires, witches, and haunted mansions, while New Orleans presents the setting for stories steeped in voodoo and culture of the deep south.

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