Troubador Angels Cry Too

Released: 04/04/2007

eISBN: 9781780889108

Format: eBook

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Angels Cry Too


Paul Sayers is an ordinary man, living an average life in the Fens. A first meeting with Rebecca turns out not to be chance, as he'd supposed, but the start of a succession of life-changing events. Rebecca guides Paul through a car accident safely, an accident in which he was supposed to die...but her subsequent disappearance forces him to conclude that she is his guardian angel. After a lonely year his dreams start to be haunted by vivid nightmares, and he senses something is dreadfully wrong. Days later he is visited by another angel, who tells him that Rebecca has been taken by a group of beings whose only desire is to bring devastation to the guardians. Paul sets out to find Rebecca, but the path is fraught with danger. Will he succeed in finding Rebecca, and can he overcome the evil that haunts him? And can life ever be normal again?

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Mark Garrett

Mark Garrett was born and raised in the Fens of Cambridgeshire, where he still lives. Married, aged 45, when not writing for pleasure his real occupation is that of chauffeur for a carriage master, providing limousine services, mainly to the funeral trade.

Like the main character in Angels Cry Too, Mark enjoys 'playing' with classic cars, having owned a 1951 Morris Oxford for over twenty-five years. He is currently restoring a Lancia sports car. He also owned a Wolseley 6/80, as portrayed in the book, at one time.

Has written as a relaxing pastime for over seventeen years and Angels Cry Too was his first delve into the world of publishing. A second novel in the series followed in 2008, Golden Dawn, and it is hoped that a third installment in the series will follow for 2010 continuing the adventures of Paul Sayers and his Guardian Rebecca.

Other interests include fell walking and observing the night sky.

Mark Garrett
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