Troubador Angeland

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789018226

eISBN: 9781838598723

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Meet Tony, an ordinary man on an ordinary flight. Well... Not quite. 

When his plane is hijacked, Tony swallows an archangel’s eyelash. Now part-angel, he enters Angeland. Passing through Heaven and the realm of the White Mountain, he embarks on an incredible adventure. But Tony is never far from earthly influences.

To avoid disaster on an epic scale, seven archangels assemble at their Council. Together they try a variety of ideas to remove the eyelash, but will any prove a success?

Witty, eccentric, original and very funny.

by Chantal M.

David Sunderland’s first book hosts a wonderful array of characters both earthly and divine. The intricate world of the angels is painted with many dramatic flourishes, and the internecine quarrels of the celestial host are entertainingly represented. We get to know the main character, Tony, as he is tempted and struggles to do the right thing in a zone where he feels like a fish out of water. A very enjoyable and ingenious read

by Mary Ungoed-Thomas

David Sunderland

David is British, almost French, and Brazilian by osmosis. His day job entails occasional bureaucratic absurdities but also the privilege of working for a bigger cause, which frequently provides a catalyst for creativity. His literary output over the last 20 years has been eclectic, including poetry (as yet unpublished); satirical plays, songs and sketches (each with unique performances); and Angeland (his first novel). He lives just over the border from Geneva with his impatient and adorable Franco-Brazilian wife and 30-odd plants.

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