Troubador All Change

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788035880

eISBN: 9781800468559

Format: Paperback/eBook

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All Change

Wishes, Waves, and Wicked Ways


All Change is the debut novel from M. M. Purkess which combines element of fantasy, romance, violence and comedy to create an unforgettable story. James, a young, aspiring writer, rents a tiny flat in Mrs Mangalino’s seedy apartment house when it is recommended as a suitable writing environment by his mother’s best friend. In mysterious circumstances, he is abducted and beaten up, but reappears the following day with no recollection of where he has been. Soon, others have similar unpleasant experiences and people begin behaving as if they are mad. Deep underground, readers are introduced to strange creatures, horrible machines and floods all watched over by a mystery controller. Are they behind the unexplained disappearances? In James’ home village, on the surface all appears as normal, with petty squabbles over preparations for the usual-end-of-term festivities at the old school and annual village fete. But an invasion has already begun before everyone arrives. It’s still not over when James, his cousin Barney, workmate Belinda and boss Elaine turn up, dirty and damaged having narrowly escaped disaster and arrest. Drama unfolds just before the show goes on – and what a show it proves to be! Inspired by the work of P. G. Wodehouse and Lee Childs, All Change is written as a comic drama with elements of romance and fantasy and a concealed environmental message. It will appeal to readers that enjoy a wide range of genres, particularly fans of fantasy and comedy.

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After reading a fairly heavy short story collection I was in the mood for something light. This seemed to fit the bill. It's very light. And whimsical. And charming too. All done in the inimitable British style. There's Overland (the world as we know it) and Underland (the world you can try to imagine populated by a peculiar assortment of creatures set on world domination, albeit in a somewhat circuitous way with replicants and such). This really was a fun read and would have been more so had I not overestimated my interest in the silliness of it all. Or maybe it was ever so slightly too busy, there's a very expansive cast of characters (originals, replicants, over and underlings), it actually did come with a dramatis personae, but at the end of the book, so you'll have quite a job of maintaining a grasp on who's who throughout. Somewhere along the lines of funny fantasies, the author definitely shows potential and a much appreciated zeal for alliterations. But for an entertaining kinda mindless humorous read this did the trick. Thanks Netgalley.

by Mia D

Sometimes it reminds me of Gaiman's Neverwhere, maybe for the idea of the Underland. Sometimes there are echo of Douglas Adams or Ben Aaronovitch.
Funny, entertaining, sometimes surrealistic. The author will surely grow and will be able to develop his/her full potential.

by Anna Maria Giacomasso

It all begins in an old fashioned boarding house ruled by Mrs. Mercedes Mangalino's tight lipped disapproval, with the Beetle, the Invisible Man and the Lost Boy living upstairs. Very soon the reader is launched on a roller coaster ride into the mystery and mayhem of a dark and dangerous underworld (literally) populated by some deeply unpleasant people ... or should that be creatures? With echos of Neil Gaiman's 'Neverwhere' the author makes you laugh with delight and shudder all at the same time. Wonderful! More please!

by Wendy Williams

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