Troubador A Certain Kind of Light

Released: 28/05/2017

ISBN: 9781788037198

eISBN: 9781788031455

Format: Paperback/eBook

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A Certain Kind of Light


A Certain Kind of Light is the debut novel from Mary O’Meara, following the story of Eileen McCarthy whose life is changed forever by an unusual entrance from the actor, Charlie Gitane. Eileen struggles to cope and to hold herself together as life continues to throw curveballs along her path. In the end, she must surrender to an understanding that there is more to life than we can ever fully comprehend. Eileen had always searched for her ‘happy ever after’, but the end of her story is very different than what she had expected. She finds that though it does not match up to her original expectations, it does lead to peace and true happiness. A Certain Kind of Light explores the difficulty that Eileen faces in coming to terms with the spiritual awakening that meeting this man triggers and the consequences that this has for her life. A Certain Kind of Light is a book exploring the universal difficulty of comprehending that there is much more to living than we may originally perceive. It is a story about liberation and discovery, with a protagonist who learns to be who she really is in a world that demands the opposite. Shifting between the mundane and the extraordinary, Mary’s debut novel explores how an experience can illuminate the ordinary and transform it into something magical. The book has a small, but strong and memorable cast, and is filled with fascinating contrasts between the visible and the invisible, and the factual and the unknown. Mary is inspired by Neil Gaiman and Angela Carter. A Certain Kind of Light is an intriguing and ultimately uplifting book that will appeal to readers of spiritual fiction and magical realism.

N J Cartner

Penny Black Music

A kaleidoscopic novel, a beautifully written narrative and reflection on a journey that is on one hand inexplicable and other-wordly and at the same time a very real, raw human experience – set against evocatively described urban backdrops - through the highs and lows of love, confusion, despair and healing.
There is a down-to-earth directness and lots of subtle humour as well as honest and painful soul-searching.
This book may be of special interest to others who, like Eileen, have had the experience of meeting their Twin Flame and of discovering a love that is not so much about living happily ever after together but more about going through a dark night of the soul, but which is ultimately is a profound lesson in learning how to love.

by Caroline

A very intriguing and enjoyable debut novel by Mary O’Meara which tells the story of Eileen McCarthy, as she starts a new life chapter of her life in London, and the magnetic connection she makes with an actor Charlie Gitane. It is a tale of love, friendship, loss and healing and discovering that true happiness can only be found within. With wonderful evocative imagery I found myself totally immersed in this book and wanting to know what would happen next. With many strange coincidences and chance meetings it helps us to open our minds to how there is so much more to the universe than we can ever imagine.

by Lucy

The opening pages of this beautifully written book had me captivated immediately. On the surface it’s the story of an adventure, not so much in the physical sense though there is much of interest in the detail, but of the heart. On a deeper level it’s a book about honesty and the choices you make in life when faced with internal battles between self-interest and having respect for yourself and the feelings of others.
I loved reading about the life Eileen lives as she gets to know the highways and byways of south London and the music scene she becomes part of. I enjoyed the different, well observed characters introduced along the way. The twists and turns of Eileen’s involvement with the charismatic Charlie must touch many who have found themselves enchanted by another but unsure of how the other feels. Both heart breaking and heart-warming, this story is the story of everyone who has struggled with love and loss but emerged from the emotional turmoil with a deeper understanding of the human condition. I learned a lot about patience, respect and love for others and one’s self reading this book.

by Lisa

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