Troubador Study Guide to Tomasi Di Lampedusa's

Released: 01/12/2003

ISBN: 9781899293858

Format: Paperback

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Study Guide to Tomasi Di Lampedusa's "Il Gattopardo"


Il Gattopardo, first published in 1958, had a rapid and amazing rise to fame and popularity both within and outside Italy and its controversial interpretation of the Risorgimento has proved to be of enduring interest and relevance. It is studied widely in the UK both at GCE Advanced Level and at University. The language of the novel is extraordinarily rich and complex: on the one hand, the source of the book's perennial fascination, but on the other, a potentially frustrating barrier for the student. This Guide provides students and general readers with essential background historical information, explanations of the many literary and historical allusions in the text and an extensive glossary.

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