Essays and Literary Criticism

Primo Levi

Rewriting the Holocaust

by Lucie Benchouiha
Released: 21st March, 2006
This new book identifies and analyses the echos of Levi's holocaust experiences, tracing the ways in which hist first work of testimony to the concentration camps is re-visited, re-worked and re-written throughout his subsequent work

Full synopsis

As one of the best-known survivors of the concentration camps, Primo Levi's testimony to his experiences in Auschwitz is internationally recognised as one of the most significant works of the last century. This volume examines each of Levi's works in detail, assessing and analysing the influence of Levi's time in Auschwitz on his writing. It identifies a variety of thematic, temporal, stylistic and linguistic echoes of Levi's concentration camp testimony, and traces these echoes throughout his subsequent, apparently unrelated, work. The book provides original and fascinating insights into the works of this remarkable writer, giving readers a new understanding and perspective on the immense significance and the pervasive influence of the holocaust on Levi's creative output.

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