Troubador My Culture: Yoruba

Released: 01/02/2012

ISBN: 9781780880716

Format: Paperback

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My Culture: Yoruba


My Culture: Yoruba provides teachers, educators and social workers with a quick introduction to Yoruba culture, from which the majority of Black African children in the UK derive.

In recent years, high levels of migration have resulted in significantly larger proportions of children from this ethnic group in British schools, particularly those in larger cities. In some places this has represented a drastic change in demographics. Most schools quickly become aware that the differences between British and Yoruba culture have a significant bearing on their interaction with pupils and their families. These differences sometimes lead to conflict and difficulties in communication, which in turn impact pupils’ learning.

This book serves as a bridge to help teachers understand these differences and empowers them to interact with the culture from an informed perspective. It covers the history of the Yoruba people, cultural norms and values, child rearing practices and how these differ from British culture. The book provides educators who are relatively new to the culture group with valuable insights into the psyche of Yoruba culture. It treats cultural conflict sympathetically and sheds some light on the struggles bi-cultural Yoruba children face. It highlights some day-to-day issues that teachers and educators may encounter

As a British Headteacher, I have been given a new insight and understanding from this book about the cultural challenges faced by our Yoruba pupils. The practical suggestions offered will enable stronger partnerships between home and school. An essential read for all our staff.

by Jeremy Lunnon, Headteacher, St Margaret’s CE Primary School, Plumstead, London

Not only is 'My Culture' a fascinating and detailed analysis of the Yoruba culture, it is also a very accessible read and hard to put down. As a headteacher, working with Yoruba families every day, the book has had a profound influence on my own behaviour in how I deal with the complexities and nuances of sustaining positive relationships working within a diverse community.

by Rob Carpenter, Headteacher, Bannockburn Primary School, Greenwich

As a Nigerian raised in Britain, this book has given me a whole new insight into the root of my cultural struggles whilst growing up. A must read for anyone working with or raising British Nigerian children.

by Tola Okogwu

Florence Olajide

Florence Olajide is an independent Education Consultant managing her own consultancy firm, Inspired Futures Limited. She was a successful primary headteacher in London before being appointed in 2003 as one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools (HMI). Florence has extensive experience of education in the UK and overseas, covering a range of educational settings, including the independent sector and teacher education. She regularly provides bespoke courses and school improvement services to schools and Local Authorities.

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