Troubador Manifesto

Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781789013184

Format: Paperback

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Manifesto’ sets out the political views, hopes and dreams of an English senior manager and administrator who worked around politicians all his professional life.   Denied a voice because he was in a politically restricted post, and because he was an expert professional not an ignorant, but elected, politician, he is now making up for lost time, offering hope as well as dire warnings if we continue to be so poorly led.

The book is supportive of the principle of democracy and in favour of it being seriously tried in this country as soon as possible. It looks at many of the ways in which we fall short, mostly because the Establishment prefers it that way and powers of the public so weak.

The author takes a dim view of party politics and is critical of all their ideologies, whilst attempting to salvage what is relevant and good about them.

Limitations of theory, including moral approaches, are laid bare, and the practical problems affecting policy are aired and explained. Practical ideas are canvassed from around the civilized parts of the globe with the aim of broadening our narrow national outlook and practices.

Britain’s sadly declining place in the world is examined, particularly in relation to Brexit, and the rise and spread of Islam. A blueprint and morality for future foreign policy is set out.

The nature, problems, and shortcomings of our Capitalist economy are exposed and prescriptions proposed.
Environmental concerns are recognized, in a chapter that calls for the realignment of parochial political priorities in order to focus on planetary survival issues. Cleaning up our own country is discussed as part of a green agenda.

Finally, the improvement of the quality of life is seen as the main purpose of political effort, so suggestions are made for our collective and individual wellbeing in this deeply humanitarian work.

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