Troubador Living Humanism: Part 2

Released: 28/05/2018

ISBN: 9781789010176

Format: Paperback

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Living Humanism: Part 2

A Guide to Personal Conduct and Action for the Twenty First Century and Beyond


How can we act to best pursue our own well-being and happiness? To what extent should we, as individuals, pursue wealth, money and possessions, if at all? Then, how can we best help and support others? How can we promote cooperation and togetherness, and how should we conduct ourselves when others are disrespectful and rude to us, or perhaps conduct themselves in destructive and damaging ways, for example, through committing crimes or threatening us with violence? All of these are questions, and indeed, present issues and situations that we may face in our daily lives. And our responses will express themselves through our personal conduct and actions.

Taking a Humanist perspective, Living Humanism, examines our personal conduct and action in relation to the range of such questions, issues and situations that are relevant to our personal beliefs, conduct and actions in our daily lives. The book, which is divided into two parts, presents a range of guiding principles aimed at supporting us all in enjoying lives of well-being and happiness.

Having set out the underlying thinking in the guide, and having identified core and other guiding principles underpinning our conduct and actions, part one of the guide focuses on our personal conduct and actions in relation to supporting others, our communities and societies; being fair and just; truthfulness, honest and integrity; our emotions and our use of rationality and reason; our pursuit of pleasure, happiness and fulfilment, and our pursuit or resources, money and possessions. Part two of the guide then looks at our need for individual freedom, autonomy and the social; our upbringing education and personal development; pursuing peacefulness and cooperation; health and well-being, and finally our conduct and actions in relation to the non-human world. The final chapter summarises and consolidates the discussion and recommendations regarding our personal conduct and actions presented through the guide.

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