Troubador Interstitial Writing

Released: 01/04/2003

ISBN: 9781899293186

Format: Paperback

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Interstitial Writing

Calvino, Caproni, Sereni and Svevo


Modern and contemporary literature wanders into a space in which concrete bearings and recognisable homes are no longer available. The lack of these presences, but also of their no less real absences, can only bequeath the anonymous condition par excellence: interstitiality. It is in the interstitial zone that modern and contemporary literature elects to play its game of hide and seek. And it is here that the subject searches for itself or simply lives disorientation in full. This significant book pushes literary theory into unexplored grounds to articulate the modern and contemporary condition of interstitiality through an innovative discussion of its literary and philosophical underpinnings and interpretation of works by Calvino, Caproni, Sereni and Svevo.

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