Troubador insideMAN

Released: 28/09/2015

ISBN: 9781784625337

Format: Paperback

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pioneering stories about men and boys


A year ago, award-winning journalist Dan Bell and leading expert on men’s issues Glen Poole set up insideMAN, an online magazine dedicated to pioneering a new kind of conversation about men and boys. The magazine was inspired by the fact that in the many years both had spent thinking, writing and talking about men's issues, the mainstream cultural conversation about gender had pretty much stuck to a single simplistic and inaccurate narrative: Women have problems, Men are problems. But the truth is far less black and white. From educational underachievement and fatherlessness, to homelessness and suicide, there are many grave inequalities that hit men and boys hardest. Dan and Glen realised that if we’re serious about improving the lives of men and boys, first we have to change the conversation we have about them. This book is a step in that direction. insideMAN combines powerful first-person stories from everyday men on the street, with insightful writing from some of highest-profile journalists currently addressing men’s issues in the UK, including Martin Daubney, of Telegraph Men and former editor of Loaded; Guardian regular Ally Fogg; Tim Samuels from BBC Men’s Hour; Neil Lyndon, author of Sexual Impolitics and the seminal No More Sex War; and the man who coined the term “metrosexual” himself, the brilliant Mark Simpson. The book encompasses everything from a poignant insight into a fathers' experience of miscarriage, to an irreverent celebration of male-objectification, as well as fascinating explorations of subjects most of us simply take for granted – for example, why do men wear trousers anyway? The book also includes practical advice from leading advocates on the best ways to raise awareness of the issues faced by men and boys. If you’re interested in the issues and experiences that effect half of the population, this book is for you.

What is the truth about what goes on inside a man’s head? There’s a thing. I know many may be reading this thinking that’s easy – all men think about is women, sex, food and football. Well you’d not be far wrong, the remaining 5% of time men are thinking about everything from their role, place and status in society, fatherhood, rights (or lack of) as a father should things go wrong in their relationship, health, body image, education, children, loneliness, depression, suicide, equal rights, gender inequality (where men are the disadvantaged gender) and many other topics.

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