Troubador Gadgets to God

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Released: 01/06/2012

ISBN: 9781780881546

Format: Paperback

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Gadgets to God

Reflections on our changing relationship with technology


This book is a journey through the gadgets and technologies that have influenced our lives and are about to bring almost unimaginable changes to our world. The message behind this autobiographical account of both David’s and mankind’s relationship with machines and technology in the second half of the twentieth century and first decade of the twenty first is quite simple.

‘My generation of baby boomers has lived through an unprecedented period in our history. Our lives began in an era when human beings used their intelligence and senses to get the best out of machines and technology and will end in an age in which machines and technology will be using all their intelligence and senses to get the best out of human beings. Where once we were masters, we may now become slaves. The consequences of this shift in power are profound, unpredictable and potentially either disastrous or liberating for the future of mankind.’

Gadgets to God is a unique perspective on the impact of key technologies on society and the future of mankind and presents some new, radical and controversial thoughts. Author David enjoys the work of Clive Cussler, whose writing style he emulates. The book will appeal to those interested in social and technological history.

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