Troubador Future Sense

Released: 28/11/2015

ISBN: 9781784624552

eISBN: 9781785894596

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Future Sense

Five explorations of whole intelligence for a world that’s waking up


Future Sense offers an interweaving of global and personal themes, which are often kept apart: a far-reaching synthesis of ideas in tune with emerging global developments. It points to how greater whole intelligence can strengthen us in transforming the world and our lives at the same time. Faced with today’s enormous global challenges, humanity often seems ineffective, distracted, or powerless. Many are pessimistic about their descendants’ future chances. In Future Sense however, Malcolm Parlett shows us that tackling global problems can begin in the microcosm of our own lives. Our interconnectedness means that changes in the small worlds we inhabit have ripple effects in the big world. Each of us can help create humanity’s future. Based on the author’s experience as a psychological practitioner, the book is structured around five explorations. Each describes a key dimension of whole intelligence, revealed through observations, stories and insights related to individual lives, applications in human systems and to world issues. Future Sense is a highly original book, written in an approachable and easy to read style that provides the reader with a positive outlook on the future world. Future Sense explores whole intelligence – as demonstrated when an individual, community, or organisation functions in ways that are instantly recognisable as creative, and that reflect the best human values. This is a book of big ideas, psychological insights, and a different form of grassroots activism.


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A great read. Accessible, thoughtful and engaging.

by Pamela Hare Duke

Enjoyable and easy to read. Useful to, in terms of how to deal with a wide range of challenges / concerns / situations I face in my day to day life. I love the fact it is accessible and can become a shared language / approach that could unite humanity across different countries, disciplines and ages. Truly life enhancing. I see the world differently through a grateful heart.

by Dr Roberta Fry

This book is so beautifully written, it's a very easy book to read. Many of the arguments in the book were familiar to me but not fully developed in my mind. So I was nodding a lot, and saying yes, that's what I think too, but I hadn't realised it yet! I found new depth and thought that fleshed out ideas about whole intelligence. The author organised a great deal of material that was partially familiar to me, and yet organised into a new whole. I really enjoyed reading it and have found the ideas contained sedimenting since I finished the book. I would encourage anyone to read it who is interested in how each one of us and the institutions and communities we are embedded in can develop capacities for meeting the future with more creativity and responsiveness.

by Katy Wakelin

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