Troubador From Eugenio Montale to Amelia Rosselli

Released: 01/01/2005

ISBN: 9781904744504

Format: Paperback

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From Eugenio Montale to Amelia Rosselli

Italian Poetry in the Sixties and Seventies


The first five articles in this book deal with corporeality and cruelty (Lorenzini), the modern city (McLoughlin), genre and the "neo-avanguardia" (Mussgnug), poetry from the Seventies (Moroni) and poets’ use of film (Welle). The ensuing articles focus on a single author, ranging from Montale (Butcher), Sereni (Giovannuzzi), Caproni (Montani) and Fortini (Passannanti) to Giorgio Orelli (De Marchi), Zanzotto (Carbognin and Dedola), Pasolini (Cadel) and Amelia Rosselli (La Penna). The book concludes with extensive transcriptions of interviews with two of Italy's finest living poets, Giovanni Giudici and Edoardo Sanguineti.

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