Troubador Dickens Study Guide

Released: 28/01/2015

ISBN: 9781784620752

Format: Hardback

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Dickens Study Guide

Who the characters are and what they did


This is a register of the characters in the fiction of Charles Dickens – a catalogue of the men, women and children who people his stories. Perhaps the first attempt this century, Dickens Study Guide brings together the works of Charles Dickens in such a way that the reader can find out in a moment how Little Em’ly lost her virtue and what happened to Bill Sikes or the Artful Dodger. Dealing with over 200 characters across all fifteen novels and three short works, the book contains a key, register and concise accounts of each man, woman and child, who they are and how they influence the plot. Providing descriptions used by Dickens himself and without fussy ‘literary’ interpretation, this is intended as a practical work of reference. Finishing off with a quiz that puzzle-setters and crossword enthusiasts will love, Dickens Study Guide is the ideal companion for students and indeed any lover of Dickens who wants to look up quickly why Peggotty laughed when told that “Barkis is willin’…”



I have been so impressed by the summary of the characters which are so well written. Lee Fisher Gray has managed to paint such a full set of pictures about the characters in so few words. You can almost taste the characters. Although the book is a reference, it is fascinating to dip in and embrace the Dickensian magic

by Yuliya

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