Troubador The Global Energy Trap and a Way Out

Released: 28/02/2017

ISBN: 9781785899249

Format: Paperback

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The Global Energy Trap and a Way Out


“It is now generally accepted that the world’s climate has entered into a phase of warming with potentially disastrous consequences for the planet, but there is no agreement about how to deal with it...”

The ‘global energy trap’ refers to the fact that our civilisation has been built on energy derived from fossil fuels – and when these are exhausted, there must be a collapse of some kind.

However, long before we have run them down to exhaustion we shall have pushed atmospheric pollution and global warming beyond a tipping point. In this situation there is no rational choice except to develop clean, renewable energy sources with all deliberate haste. How this can be done is The Global Energy Trap and a Way Out’s central theme, and is fully explored at length.

Although the answer is largely one of innovative engineering, other social and economic factors must be taken into account. Dr Parkinson provides us with an informative and accessible overview of the current situation we find ourselves in, as well as providing us with ideas for the future.

The Global Energy Trap and a Way Out will appeal to those interested in all aspects of the increasingly urgent problem of global warming.

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