Troubador Home Sweet Home

Released: 01/01/2011

ISBN: 9781848764798

Format: Hardback

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Home Sweet Home


A beautiful and fascinating book that gives readers a rare peek into the most fabulous homes in England and Wales.

Throughout this book Robin has focussed on contrasting very different types of houses. From traditional historical homes with wonderful views, to eco-houses buried in the earth, Robin has scoured the country looking for the most unique, unusual and awe-inspiring homes to visit. With photographs to illustrate the exterior and interior of the buildings featured, plus accompanying text all about the history and context of the homes included, Robin has captured the character of the varied and eye-opening places that people have chosen to call home.

This book is a must for anyone who loves to see how other people live or who has ever wondered – how can you live in a house like THAT!

Foreword by the Duchess of Northumberland to 'Home Sweet Home - Most Unusual Homes & Locations in England & Wales.'

'Robin has struck upon a most imaginative idea with this book, since we love to see where other people live - especially if their home is a bit quirky and different.

He has travelled the length and breadth of England & Wales over the past three years capturing these eye catching homes with his beautiful photographs.'

The Saturday Telegraph property section, January 2011

This is one of those coffee table books that you just cannot put down. Full of lovely surprises, some nice photographs. Great to dip into now and again.

by Juliet Windows

Robin Whitcomb

HOME SWEET HOME - Most Unusual Homes & Locations in England & Wales

Without doubt putting my new book together was great fun. It was another 3 year adventure - the same time it took for my first photographic book 'WEALDING THE WILLOW - A Portrait of Village Cricket Grounds in the Weald -The Cradle of Cricket.

With 'HOME SWEET HOME' I travelled far further a field - in fact hundreds of miles via the length & breadth of England & Wales.

The three year adventure began in beautiful Cornwall where I discovered 'Cliff Cottage'. It was set amongst the granite cliffs overlooking the rolling waves of the Atlantic in the idyllic Lamorna Cove. The inspiration for my book came from the sight of this most breath-taking landscape.It was then that the idea of capturing in pictures the most unusual homes & locations became a definitely worthwhile project.

Not only were the many quirky homes intriguing, but it was also enjoyable to meet so many convivial and hospitable owners.It was often the case that these most unusual homes were lived in by most interesting and often fun-loving people.

Rik Mayes, living in a massive tipi in the Welsh mountains, was a perfect example of eccentricity. He revelled in his very different lifestyle in the midst of nature.

Nigel Teulon thought very differently. He decided to buy a complete railway station (signal box included!) and have his bedroom in the old Ladies Waiting Room.

It took me over thirty phone calls and hours to finally find the green double-decker bus in the Sussex countryside. I was so relieved to eventually find this most unusual home. It was a delight to meet Christy & Ines and their two small children. How contented they were.'What you take from the land' said Christy 'You give back to the land.'

I have so many fond memories of all the friendly people in their most unusual homes whilst I journeyed round England & Wales. Probably the most spectacular adventure was putting the final part of the book together in Northumberland. Here were all the majestic castles, Alnwick & Bambough and then the romantic Holy Island with the spectacular Lindisfarne Castle overlooking the sea.

It was fitting to complete the book on a very high note in beautiful Northumberland where the people were so friendly and helpful.It had all been an unforgettable experience and I do hope that you have as much fun sharing my enjoyment as you look through my book.

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