Troubador Young Brownlow's Epiphany

Released: 28/03/2022

ISBN: 9781803131450

eISBN: 9781803139067

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Young Brownlow's Epiphany


Young Brownlow’s Epiphany is the author’s homage to Charles Dickens and his most endearing character and a personal favourite, Oliver Twist.

Taking the name of the kind man who adopted him Mr Brownlow, Oliver reflects on his good fortune. If his adoptive father had not rescued him from his abysmal fate his future would have been grim indeed. He is constantly haunted by the shadows of his past and yet his childhood experiences shape his noble character as a young man.

Ironically, for the eponymous hero Oliver Brownlow, he falls in love with a beautiful young woman called Millicent who is also haunted by certain traumatic events in her past. Attempting to win Millicent’s hand by protecting her, he becomes exasperated by her reluctance to openly reciprocate his feelings. The storyline presents a complex and intricate narrative, in true Dickensian fashion, and has no shortage of twists, turns and subplots. Featuring both malevolent characters and engaging ones, Young Brownlow’s Epiphany has a dark storyline where murder, subterfuge and child abuse are scattered menacingly throughout its pages. 

Although the narrative is dark and even grisly in places, it also features romance, humour and philanthropy. It highlights the importance of friendship, loyalty and love. Avid readers of period fiction may ask, does the story end happily? Why not take a read and find out!

What happened to Oliver Twist on to find out with this Dickensian style mystery thriller.Subtle and clever in many areas allows the reader to meet many complex characters who in true Victorian fictional manner are interlinked in a variety of ways .The past is always lurking there for Oliver and the other characters but all will be revealed.. even though you may think you know the answers to the questions that the narrative inspires …in this mystery you may be wrong.Well worth sitting down for a few hours to move into a mysterious London, in an historically well researched , tantalisingly questioning story that will leave you wanting more. Great storyteller.

by Richard Bird

Great story. I wanted it to go on, Can't wait for the sequel. Would make a great serial for TV.

It effortlessly swept along to a tense and dramatic conclusion.

A gripping first novel and a remarkable piece of story telling.

by Joy Powell

Very enjoyable read .A good twist on the Oliver Twist story… evocative of Dickens story telling and with the same style characterisations.Reccomend for a good read.More to come I hope.

by Sailorman

Loved this book.Angelina has a gentle style that leads you through the streets of Victorian London .. with a mystery that you want to solve.Recommended for anyone who enjoys a good exciting read.

by Dickens fan

An absorbing plot and wonderfully evocative descriptions of Dickensian England. A really enjoyable read, thoroughly recommended.

by Colin

I can’t praise this ingenious sequel to Oliver Twist enough. If you’re looking for a good read that falls in the sweet spot of a classic Dickens cross between a Sherlock Holmes murder mystery. This novel delivers! The young protagonist Oliver Brownlow (formally Twist) along with his chums took me through a twisting and turning plot of murder, intrigue, romance and adventure set to the backdrop of a spooky Victorian London. There are smiles, laughs, tears and definitely some jumps. But mainly it’s a heartfelt tale of courage and kindness in the face of adversity. How refreshing! An immensely enjoyable read. Looking forward to the next installment in the series.

by Rebecca Pearson

I enjoyed the premis of the story. The attention to detail painted a vivid picture of Victorian London reflecting a deep knowledge of the era. The author took the reader on a rattling adventure with young Mr Brownlow and was very engaging, a definite good read.

by Andy Benton

A captivating read, well researched and well written. Once started I could not put the book down. This could be well adapted for a historical television drama. Greatly looking forward to Angelina’s next book.

by Roz Price

A very enjoyable read with good pace, well drawn characters who are interesting and believable, and a very exciting ending.
I loved reading about an imagined grown up Oliver Twist, the quality of Angelina's writing did not disappoint.
The plot drives the story forward well and I found I did not want to put the book down, culminating in a thrilling last chapter.
Angelina paints a vibrant picture of London at that time but also cleverly covers issues which are just as relevant today.
Altogether a great read, highly recommended.

by amanda g

Such a clever idea to write a sequel to one of Dickens’ most popular books and also to continue his exploration of the darker aspects of Victorian England.
Very likeable main characters, thoroughly foul villains and a compelling imaginative plot with plenty of twists and turns.
Recommended and I hope there will be a continuation of the story.

by James Briggs

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