Troubador Where the Eagles Fly

Released: 28/01/2015

ISBN: 9781784621452

Format: Paperback

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Where the Eagles Fly


The Ochil Hills are a special place for best friends Kristen Campbell and Laura Duncan – especially for Laura, who regards these hills as her spiritual home, holding them close to her heart. It’s a place these friends share their dreams and ambitions, disappointments and secrets, and a place they return to whenever they can. When the girls leave school and go on to universities fifty miles apart, they find themselves facing many challenges and new experiences. Kristen’s hopes and dreams to become a vet fall very much into place, especially when she meets and falls in love with fellow student Scott McCallum. And Laura’s dreams to be a journalist are going well too. Her part-time job singing and playing guitar in a little pub/restaurant in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile are everything she dreamed about and make a welcome break from studying. However, her life changes dramatically when she meets and falls in love with the dark and mysteriously handsome Edinburgh estate agent Argyle (Gyle) Jamieson. As his cold and complex character unfolds, Laura’s life is thrown into an emotional rollercoaster, and happy times are gradually replaced by disappointment and tragedy. Things take a turn for the sinister when she discovers Gyle’s secret deceptions, and her life is thrown into ultimate danger. Only the hills and her friends can save her, but is it already too late..? Where the?Eagles Fly is a gripping work of adult fiction that will appeal mainly to fans of thriller novels. It will also be enjoyed by those living in Central Scotland, where the book is set.

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